Page 85 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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other side? - That is so, yes. 21203. That is a rather ticklish operation, is it not? - No. Well, you say no in a doubtful sort of way. 21204. (The Commissioner.) You do; you say it in what I call a speculative tone of voice. Have you ever known it put in practice? - I have never known it, no. I hope not. The Commissioner: Well, I hope not too. Sir Robert Finlay: I think that is all I need ask. Mr. Laing: May I put one or two questions? The Commissioner: Whom do you represent now? Mr. Laing: My Lord, at the moment I am representing Messrs. Harland and Wolff. The Commissioner: Oh, very well. Examined by Mr. LAING. 21205. How many watertight doors have you on your tank top? - I suppose you refer to the bulkhead doors immediately above the tank top? 21206. Yes, that is what I mean - 49, is it not? - Not quite that; they are not all above the tank top. There are 48. 21207. How many out of those are automatic? - Are closed by hydraulic pressure? 21208. Yes. - Thirty-six. 21209. That does not agree with your colouring of red on the plan. However, I will not take up time. There are a large number, are there not, which have to be operated by hand only? - Yes. 21210. About 22, my calculation was? - Yes, 22. 21211. Were the “Mauretania” and the “Lusitania” built on the two-compartment system? - Yes. 21212. They are designed to float with two compartments flooded? - Yes. 21213. Just the same as the “Titanic”? - Yes; they will float with more. 21214. It is a little misleading, my Lord, the deck arrangements are not quite the same on the “Mauretania” as they were in the “Titanic.” I want to check it in this way. I think I am right. If you take your waterline, which is on that plan, is your No. 1 bulkhead four decks above the waterline? - Four deck, yes. 21215. The “Titanic” is the same? - I am not familiar with the “Titanic.” 21216. I have been looking at it on the plan. And your No. 2 bulkhead; is that three decks above the waterline? - Three decks above the waterline, yes. 21217. The “Titanic” is four. And the after ones until you came right aft, are they all three decks above the waterline? - All three decks above the waterline, yes. 21218. The “Titanic” is the same. I think, my Lord, the result of that is that the C deck of the “Mauretania” is equivalent to the E deck of the “Titanic.” The Commissioner: Is that quite clear; I am told there is a doubt about that. Mr. Laing: Until you get right aft, the watertight bulkheads in the “Titanic” come up to E deck. The two forward ones are higher. The Commissioner: The C deck in the “Mauretania” is higher above the waterline than the E deck in the “Titanic”? Mr. Laing: We say they are the same. The Commissioner: It is suggested to me that C deck is higher above the waterline in the “Mauretania.” Mr. Laing: As far as decks go, counting the decks. The Commissioner: We are not counting the decks. I do not know whether the spaces between the decks are the same in the two boats?
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