Page 75 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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21049. (The Commissioner.) The one I have just mentioned is aft of the main engine room, and that is No. 9. Is that the watertight bulkhead that is just aft of the condenser room? - Yes, that is the next one; the one abaft the condensing room only goes to - 21050. I see that it only goes up to the second class accommodation; but what I want to know at present is, is it a watertight bulkhead? - A watertight bulkhead. The Commissioner: That is No. 10. Mr. Raymond Asquith: No. 11, I think. The Commissioner: No, No. 10. Mr. Raymond Asquith: Counting the one that goes up to B deck as No. 1, that would be No. 11 - the one aft of the condenser room. The Commissioner: No, it is not. We must begin again. No. 1 is aft of the trimming tank. The Witness: Yes. The Commissioner: No. 2 is aft of the chain locker. Mr. Raymond Asquith: Yes. The Commissioner: No. 3 is aft of No. 2 hold; No. 4 is aft of the cross bunker; No. 5 is aft of No. 1 boiler room; No. 6 is aft of No. 2 boiler room; No. 7 is aft of No. 3 boiler room; No. 8 is aft of No. 4 boiler room; and No. 9 is aft of the main engine room. Is that right? Mr. Raymond Asquith: Yes, that is right. Your Lordship is quite right. The Commissioner: Then No. 10 is aft of the condenser room. Mr. Raymond Asquith: Yes. The Commissioner: No. 11 is aft of the auxiliary machinery and mail room. Mr. Raymond Asquith: Yes. The Commissioner: Where is the next one? 21051-2. (Mr. Raymond Asquith - To the Witness.) Where do you say the next one is? - I do not quite follow that counting. If No. 11 is abaft of the auxiliary machinery room, you do not count the one at the fore side of the chain locker as No. 1; that is a transverse bulkhead up to a watertight deck. 21053. (The Commissioner.) Then you have allowed me to miss out the short bulkhead abaft No. 1 hold? - Yes. Sir Robert Finlay: That had better be No. 1A. The Commissioner: We will call that No. 1A. That does not even go up to B deck, but goes up to the Orlop deck? The Witness: That is right. The Commissioner: What is the next after No. 11? 21054-5. (Mr. Raymond Asquith - To the Witness.) What is the next after the one abaft of the auxiliary machinery? - The one on the foreside of the auxiliary steering gear. There are two there in reality, one before and one abaft the auxiliary steering gear that is carried along the watertight deck and carried up to C deck, watertight. 21056. (The Commissioner.) Then you call the bulkhead forward of the auxiliary steering gear a separate bulkhead? - It is up to the Orlop deck; but then the bulkhead which is continuous is the one abaft that again. 21057. I only want to know where you get your No. 13. We will call that 12, and then there is the final one, which is a bulkhead forward of the watertight trunk? - Yes, that is one watertight bulkhead, and another is the one abaft it. 21058. One abaft it? - I thought you alluded to the auxiliary steering gear. 21059. Is it marked on the plan as watertight? - I am not sure if it is marked. The thick lines represent watertight bulkheads. 21060. But there is no thick line aft of the watertight trunk? - No, not abaft that, but on the foreside only.
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