Page 73 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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That is right. 21027. After they had acknowledged the receipt, would you hear further from them at all with reference to the plans? - I am not quite sure, but my memory is that we did not. 21028. Then what happened to them at the Board of Trade you do not know? - I do not know. I think they were sent to the local Surveyor to be passed on to the head office. 21029. Where is the head office? - In London. 21030. Were they sent by you to the local Surveyor? - I believe so. 21031. Not direct to London? - I believe not. 21032. The Board of Trade will tell us this, no doubt, but can you tell me at present: Would it be the practice or the duty of the local Surveyor to forward them to the Board of Trade in London, or would it be for him to exercise his own judgment about them? - He usually applies to us for them at the suggestion of the head office in London and sends the plans to them. The head office ask him to obtain from the builders copies of the plans. 21033. Are they obtained as nautical curiosities, or are they obtained in order that they may be examined and criticised? - I understand they are obtained so that the Board can satisfy themselves that the ship will be satisfactorily built. 21034. Your information is that they do examine them? - I certainly believe so. 21035. Did you send these general arrangement plans and the structural plans for carrying out the general arrangements to the White Star Company? - No, they are not submitted to the White Star Company. 21036. They are satisfied with what you do, I suppose? - We are responsible for that part of the work. I may say, whilst you are asking whether the Board of Trade consider the plans, that I know in some instances the local Surveyor sends to London with the plans any criticisms or remarks he wishes to make. 21037. The reason I asked you was because you apparently do not recall any comment or criticism made by the Board of Trade upon the plans which you submitted? - There were a few comments and criticisms on minor matters as the ship was built, but not any general ones. 21038. That would be as the result of surveys made during the construction? - Quite right. The Commissioner: I am not thinking of that at all. Thank you very much, Mr. Wilding; your evidence has been of very great assistance to us. (The Witness withdrew.) LEONARD PESKETT, Sworn. Examined by Mr. RAYMOND ASQUITH. 21039. Are you Naval Architect to the Cunard Company? - I am. 21040. Did you design or assist in designing the “Mauretania” and the “Lusitania”? - Yes. 21041. Before those ships were designed, did you carefully consider the question of bulkhead subdivisions? - Yes. 21042. Did you consider the question both of longitudinal divisions and of transverse divisions? - Yes. 21043. And was the result that you decided to combine the two systems in the “Mauretania”? - That is so. 21044. Have you a plan before you of the “Mauretania”? - Yes. 21045. In the “Mauretania” as you designed it there are transverse bulkheads - I think 13 in number? - That is so. 21046. How high do the highest of those bulkheads run up - to what deck? - The peak
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