Page 7 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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children into the boats. Is that what you mean? - No. I mean exactly this, that it was not possible for the number of the crew of the restaurant to be saved, because on the third class passenger deck there was no lifeboat at all, and it was not possible for them to go on the second class passenger deck. 20136. There was no lifeboat on the third class deck. That is right? - No, that is what I say. 20137. You mean they could not get into a lifeboat unless they had got up on the boat deck? - That is right. 20138. And they were not allowed to get up on the boat deck? - No, Sir; they were not. 20139. (The Commissioner.) Why were they not allowed to get up on the boat deck? Why was it they were kept from getting to the boat deck? - Well, I cannot say; I do not know. 20140. (The Attorney-General.) How many of them were there? - I think all the members of the restaurant were there. 20141. How many would that be? - Perhaps 60. 20142. You mean “soixante”? - Ah! You understand French. Yes, 20 cooks and 40 waiters. 20143. They were all men, I suppose? - Yes. Very well, then we understand. When you came on the deck they were loading the boats, were they. 20144-5. (The Commissioner.) Who was keeping them back? - Who was keeping the men from the restaurant from going on the second class deck? 20146. Yes? - Some stewards. 20147. How many stewards? - Well, there were two or three on each side. 20148. Am I to understand two or three stewards were keeping back 60 men? - I cannot say after that how they managed to try to pass. Anyway they could not pass because I stood on the second class passenger deck for half an hour. 20149. And you did not see them? - I did not see them. 20150. (The Attorney-General.) You stayed on there for half an hour and then eventually you got up on to the boat deck, did you not? - Yes, after. 20151. Then after you got up to the boat deck they were still putting the women and children into the boats? - Yes. 20152. Did you see any boats lowered whilst you were on the boat deck? - I do not follow you exactly. 20153. (The Commissioner.) Did you see any boats put into the water? - Yes, I saw some; just the last one. 20154. (The Attorney-General.) On which side do you mean? - On this side. 20155. The starboard side? - Yes. 20156. Do you mean the last one of the last four? - It was the second or third, I cannot say which of the two. 20157. Do you mean you saw the second or third of the last four boats on the starboard side let down into the water? - Yes. 20158. And filled with women and children, were they? - No, because some of the women stayed with their husbands and would not like to go. 20159. You got into one of the boats, did you not? - Oh, no; the second or third lifeboat was between two decks and I jumped directly from the top deck to this lifeboat. About six or ten persons were jumping in it. 20160. Now let me understand that. Are you speaking now of the second or third lifeboat of those last four on the right side? - Yes. 20161. It had been lowered, or was being lowered to the water? - Yes, it was going to the water, but it was between two decks when I jumped. 20162. But it was stopped between the two decks? - Yes, was stopped between the two decks.
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