Page 6 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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afterpart of the ship? - Yes. 20116. Did you turn to the right in order to go to your cabin? - I do not follow you exactly. 20117. Well, as I understand you there is a wide corridor, and then from that there is a smaller corridor which runs at right angles to the side of the ship? - The small corridor was where I was, my room, my cabin, and the chef too; my cabin was on the left and the cabin of the chef was on the right. 20118. That is quite right; on the larger plan it is much easier to see, my Lord. (The Attorney- General pointed out the position on the larger plan.) Very well, now we understand. When you say you came out in consequence of the alarm and got into the corridor, do you mean the wide corridor? - The big corridor, yes. 20119. When you got into the big corridor which way did you go? - The first time I tried to go in front of the ship just to see what had happened, but there was a rush of people sent me back to my cabin. I went on the first class passenger deck and I saw there Captain Smith. 20120. I do not want to go through that. When you came back did you go along the stern of the ship at all? - I have been once on the first class passenger deck. 20121. Did you have a difficulty? - No, because we had a staircase which was going on the first class passenger deck, a private staircase only for the staff. 20122. Then you did get there? - Yes. 20123. Did you see women and children being put into the boat? - Yes, but not many, because that was only the first one. 20124. Only the first boat? - Yes, the first boat. The Commissioner: The first boat does not mean No. 1? The Attorney-General: No, he means the first boat launched. The Witness: Yes. 20125. What became of all the other persons who were employed in the restaurant; did they remain on the deck or did they go up with you? - Well, I go down again, and I said to the chef, “There is some danger happening; we must get up.” He lost his temper - he lost himself. 20126. He lost his presence of mind? - Yes. 20127. Do you mean that he was agitated at what you told him? - Yes. 20128. And lost his head - is that what you mean? - Yes. I said to the other cooks to wait for us. After that we had been by the third class deck just at the back, and we have been trying to go on the second class passenger deck. Two or three stewards were there, and would not let us go. I was dressed and the chef was too. He was not in his working dress; he was just like me. I asked the stewards to pass. I said I was the secretary to the chef, and the stewards said, “Pass along, get away.” So the other cooks were obliged to stay on the deck there; they could not go up. That is where they die. 20129. The other cooks were not allowed to pass? - They could not go on this deck (Pointing on the model.) 20130. Why? - Because some stewards were there, and would not let them pass. 20131. (The Commissioner.) Who were there? - Some of the stewards, some members of the crew. 20132. (The Attorney-General.) You say they would not let them pass. You were allowed to pass? - They let me pass, me and the chef, because I was dressed like a passenger. I think that was why they let me pass. 20133. You think? - I think, I cannot say. 20134. When you got on deck were they still putting the women and children in the boats? - Oh, yes. 20135. Was this right, that they were preventing the men, the cooks and the other persons, engaged in the restaurant, from coming up on the deck where they were putting the women and
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