Page 59 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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20835. Ships which did in fact carry such boats at the time of the “Titanic” disaster? - Boats do not always carry their full complement. 20836. I am asking you about boats calculated to carry all the persons that a steamer may carry? - To that, my Lord, my answer is quite right. There was no such ship; I can say that emphatically. 20837. (Mr. Harbinson.) You have not built any in your yard to do so - Messrs. Harland and Wolff? - No, nor do I know any built by any other company. Mr. Harbinson: I do not wish to suggest particular lines at present. I shall be able to give evidence presently. The Commissioner: Do you suggest them? 20838. (Mr. Harbinson.) Then I will suggest a line which does. I suggest the Allan Line carries boats for all? - It does now. 20839. And they did? - I am not sure. The Commissioner: Give us the name of the steamer. Mr. Harbinson: I respectfully decline until the proper time comes, and then I will produce evidence. The Commissioner: You are, in fact, cross-examining this witness. I do not think you ought to do it, but you are doing it, and if you are going to adduce later on particular cases of particular ships it is your duty to put the cases to him now. That is your duty. Mr. Harbinson: I have put the questions to him, my Lord, of course, always subject to what your Lordship says - The Commissioner: When the time comes I may object to your adducing any evidence with reference to particular boats. It is not right of you to keep the information up your sleeve. Mr. Harbinson: If your Lordship thinks so, I shall be obliged to bow to your decision. The Commissioner: Yes. Now put the cases to him. 20840. (Mr. Harbinson.) For the present I do not propose to put any further questions on that subject. (To the Witness.) Will you tell me what is the thickness of the outer skin of these ships, the “Olympic” and the “Titanic”? - Whereabouts? 20841. The outer skin? - One inch. And, therefore, liable to give at very slight pressure? The Commissioner: Really, that question is of no use to me. Do you really say likely to give at very slight pressure? Mr. Harbinson: Relatively, yes. The Commissioner: What is the pressure? Mr. Harbinson: I am putting a concrete question. The Commissioner: Tell me the pressure. “Very slight pressure” conveys nothing to me. Mr. Harbinson: My information is that at the launch of the “Olympic,” the sister ship of the “Titanic,” built on the same principle, when the boat was being launched from the dry dock, a gale of wind, not strong, blew it against the side of the buttress, and the side of the ship crumpled up like tinder. 20842. (The Commissioner.) That is very good. Now let us stop. (To the Witness.) Did the side of the “Olympic” ever crumple up like tinder? - It did not crumple up like tinder. 20843. Do you know what crumpling up like tinder is? I do not. Put your own interpretation upon it, whatever it may be, and tell me, did you ever know of the side of the “Olympic” crumpling up like tinder? - I never knew of it, my Lord. 20844. Did you ever hear of it? - Not like tinder, my Lord. Mr. Harbinson: Did you know of it crumpling up at the launch? The Commissioner: Now we will strike out the tinder. 20845. (Mr. Harbinson.) That is an illustration; it may be too graphic. (To the Witness.) I will
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