Page 52 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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like a turned umbrella into the aperture? - But you have to get inside the aperture to put that out. 20744. One recognises that? - I think the evidence of Barrett was that he was more or less rushed off his feet by the rush of water. I do not think you could push an umbrella through it. 20745. But you see no reason why that should not have been done in No. 5? - I have pointed out to you, I think, that I do not think the small leak in No. 5 was material. 20746. A diver might have done this even in No. 6, might he not? - Diving is a slow operation and your time is limited. 20747. You have to take the time here which elapsed between the collision and the sinking? - There were only 40 minutes, about as far as I can tell from the evidence, before the time arrived at which none of those measures would become effective. It would be fairly quick work to get a diver into his dress and down in that time. 20748. You do not think it could have been done in this particular case, anyhow? - I am afraid, in this case, nothing. The Commissioner: If you are anxious to ask any questions, Mr. Scanlan, you must restrain yourself until Monday morning at 11 o’clock. Perhaps, in the interval, you can make what you have to say short. Mr. Scanlan: It will be very short, my Lord. (The Witness withdrew.) (Adjourned to Monday next, at 11 o’clock.)
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