Page 40 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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20590. (Mr. Rowlatt.) I think not, my Lord. (To the Witness.) You have told us about the electricity for the wireless. On page 32 there is the machinery. The Commissioner: We are not concerned with the machinery and the boilers, or with condensing plant or the auxiliary machinery. That seems to be all there is in this. Mr. Rowlatt: I think so, my Lord. Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 20591. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) By the courtesy of my friends, my Lord, I will ask a few questions first. (To the Witness.) You have spoken about the resistibility of the bulkheads? - No. 20592. I rather understood you to say that the resisting strength of the bulkheads was dependent upon their height? - No, but the resisting strength required in a bulkhead is dependent upon its height. 20593. What actual tests were made of these bulkheads? - None; I presume what you mean is an actual test by applying pressure. 20594. Yes? - None. 20595. None at all? - None at all. The Commissioner: Now, will you ask him an additional question upon that, because I do not know. Is it usual or necessary to make such tests? 20596. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) I am coming to that. (To the Witness.) First of all, is it the practice with your firm to make such a test? - No. 20597. Are you familiar with the practice at Lloyds? - Generally. We sometimes build ships to Lloyd’s requirements. 20598. Is it not the fact that Lloyd’s Surveyors do insist upon a water pressure test for bulkheads? - No; I never saw one carried out in our yard. 20599. You never saw one? - Not in my experience. 20600. (The Commissioner.) Have you had Lloyd’s Surveyors on your premises? - We have had them every day, my Lord. 20601. For the purpose of ascertaining whether their requirements are complied with? - Just for that purpose and no other. 20602. Have you had them there when the ships they have had to inspect were ships with watertight bulkheads? - Every ship that is built for Lloyd’s must have them. 20603. Have they ever applied a test of the kind suggested by Mr. Edwards? - Not to my knowledge. 20604. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Have you ever heard of such a test being applied outside your own shipbuilding yard? - By whom? 20605. By Surveyors of Lloyd’s? - Not by Surveyors of Lloyd’s. 20606. Have you ever heard of such a test being applied by representatives of the Admiralty in shipbuilding yards? - I have. 20607. Is it to your knowledge a common practice for firms building for the Admiralty to insist upon such a pressure test for bulkheads? - I do not know. The test I am familiar with of that sort was made in one of His Majesty’s dockyards. 20608. Not in a private yard? - No; whether it is done in any private yard or not I do not know. 20609. You do have a spraying test, as it is called? - Yes. 20610. That only finds out -? - Whether the local caulking and riveting is good. 20611. (The Commissioner.) Allow me one minute, Mr. Edwards. (To the Witness.) You said no tests were applied to the bulkheads of the “Titanic”? - No tests by pressure under head, my Lord. 20612. That is what I mean. Is it a fact or not that the bulkhead at the forepeak is tested? - The
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