Page 4 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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MR. C. ROBERTSON DUNLOP watched the proceedings on behalf of the owners and officers of the s.s. “Californian” (Leyland Line). (Admitted on application.) Mr. H. E. DUKE, K. C., M.P., and MR. VAUGHAN WILLIAMS (instructed by Messrs. A. F. and R. w. Tweedie) appeared as Counsel on behalf of Sir Cosmo and Lady Duff Gordon. (Admitted on application.) MR. F. LAING, K. C., and MR. ALFRED BUCKNILL appeared on behalf of Messrs. Harland and Wolff. (Admitted on application.) The Attorney-General: My Lord, I propose to call a witness and to interpose him because I do not want to keep him here unnecessarily. He is very short. He was on the ship. The Commissioner: Yes. PAUL MAUGE, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 20074. Were you Secretary to the Chef of the Restaurant a la carte on the “Titanic”? - Yes, I was. 20075. You have never been on a ship before? - No, it was the first time. 20076. First of all, do you remember where your berth was - was it 21? - My cabin, do you mean? 20077. Yes? - 21. 20078. Was it by the engine room? - I cannot tell you exactly; any way, I had No. 21. 20079. Do you remember whether it was on the port or starboard side? - Well, it was on the left side. 20080. That is the port side; and in the third class corridor, was it? - In the third class corridor. 20081. Do you remember what deck it was on? - I can show you by this model, if you wish. 20082. Yes, show us by this? - It was this one (Pointing). I cannot say exactly; it is very difficult to say, but it was the third class corridor. 20083. We will see if we can arrive at it more closely directly. There were other people in your cabin, I suppose? - We were four. 20084. Were you asleep when the vessel came into collision with the iceberg? - Yes; I was sleeping. 20085. Did it wake you up? - The head pastry cook got up and I got up after him. 20086. Did he call you? - No; I got up after when I saw him come back, but one steward said to me “Oh, there is no danger; it is better you go to sleep.” I had been sleeping again. At the moment I heard the alarm signal, and I went to the front, but the stewards sent me back to my cabin. 20087. I think I heard you saying there was an alarm signal? - Yes, an alarm signal. 20088. What do you mean by that? - A ringing. 20089. A bell ringing? - Yes. 20090. Down where you were on the third class corridor? - Yes. 20091. Alarming everybody on that corridor? - Yes. 20092. That is what I wanted to know. Then did you come out of your cabin? - Yes, I have been on the front of the ship, just to see what it was, but a lot of people came and sent me back to my cabin. I have been passing by the staircase of the restaurant, and I have been on the first class passenger deck. I forgot to tell you before that I saw Captain Smith had been to the engine room. He came back two minutes after. After that I have been to the first class passenger room by the staircase and I saw Captain Smith again at the first lifeboat. He said to a lady, “It is all right, lady.” 20093. It was for her to get into the boat? - Yes.
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