Page 155 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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watertight compartment, the aftermost bulkhead may terminate at the said watertight deck or flat, but if no such watertight deck or flat is fitted, the aftermost bulkhead should extend to the upper deck. When the loadline disc of the vessel is placed at least as low as is required, by Table C of the Freeboard Tables for awning deck vessels, the remaining bulkheads may terminate at the deck next below the upper deck, but when the disc of vessels other than those of the awning deck type is placed higher than required by Table C, all the bulkheads should extend watertight to the upper deck. In interpreting the above rule, in the case of vessels of the shelter deck type, the deck next below the shelter deck may be regarded as the upper deck, and accordingly the collision bulkhead, as well as the other bulkheads, may terminate at the deck next below the shelter deck provided the Surveyor is satisfied that the deck in question would not, owing to a deficiency of sheer, or for any other reason be brought dangerously near the water surface in the event of the collision compartment being holed. When, however, the Surveyor is in any doubt as to the vessel being able to steam at sea with the collision compartment holed, full particulars should be submitted to the Board of Trade before a declaration is issued. The above regulations regarding the height of the bulkheads and the position of the collision bulkhead are intended to apply only to passenger steamships coming under survey hereafter for the first time.” And then you go back to the original clause 16, my Lord, “The collision bulkhead should not have any opening in it, nor should it be fitted with any valves or cocks for draining the compartment in front of it. Pipes should not be carried through it without the special permission of the Board of Trade.” I do not think I need read the next two paragraphs; they do not affect this. The Commissioner: The “Titanic” complied with them? [There is no Question 22242.] 22243. (The Attorney-General.) Yes, and we will call the gentleman who went through it. I will go into detail if necessary. I am only anxious with Sir Walter to get all the material before you, before we get to the actual facts of what happened. (To the Witness.) Did the question of bulkheads and watertight compartments come before the Board of Trade at all, except in connection with this Clause 16, because we know the “Titanic” made no application under Rule 12? - It only came formally before the Board of Trade in connection with arrangements for closing the watertight doors and in connection with the loadline certificate. 22244. I think I caught the expression “formally.” Did you use that? - Yes, I think so. 22245. That would be a matter which would formally come under the cognisance of the Board of Trade, although the Surveyors on board the ship may see what is going on from moment to moment? - Quite right. 22246. What was done in those two matters would have to be dealt with by the Engineer Surveyor-in-chief and the principal Ship Surveyor? - Yes. 22247. I think those are the two who are concerned with it. Has an expert committee been recently appointed by the President of the Board of Trade to consider the whole question of bulkheads and watertight compartments? - Yes, quite recently. 22248. That, I think, is since the “Titanic” disaster? - Quite so. 22249. That is an Advisory Committee which is now either sitting or at any rate which is now considering it? - Yes. 22250. (The Commissioner.) Has it sat yet? - I believe it has, but I am not quite sure, but it has certainly held preliminary meetings. The Attorney-General: Yes, it has held those, I know, because the question came before me. The Commissioner: Who are the gentlemen on this Committee? 22251. (The Attorney-General.) I wanted the names. (To the Witness.) Have you the names? - I have them here. 22252. Will you let us have them? - Mr. Archibald Denny, Chairman, Mr. James Bain, Mr. Henry Robert Champness, Mr. George Burton Hunter, Mr. Summers Hunter, Mr. J. Foster King,
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