Page 138 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
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22008. No objection on that score at all? - No. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 22009. Do these other companies have as big ships as yours? - In Southampton? 22010. Yes? - No. 22011. I suppose if the ships are not so big they have not so many firemen? - They have nothing like the crews that we have. 22012. Now with regard to the boats. Before the Board of Trade certificate is given does the Inspector satisfy himself as to the equipment of each boat? - Certainly. 22013. Have you been much at sea yourself? - I think I was at sea about 26 or 27 years. I am not quite sure of the time. 22014. Have you commanded vessels? - Yes. 22015. In the Atlantic and the North Atlantic? - Yes, but not for very long. 22016. How long were you in the Atlantic? - About nine years altogether, but not in command. 22017. You were in the North Atlantic trade for about nine years? - Yes, or more, perhaps ten. 22018. And for how long in command? - About 12 months altogether, I think. 22019. And for the rest of the time as officer? - Yes. 22020. With regard to approaching icebergs, what do you say as to the effect of icebergs on the temperature; is a fall in the temperature a sign of approaching an iceberg? - I should not judge it so - not in my opinion. 22021. You have heard the evidence which has been given today, and previously, as to not slackening speed on account of ice as long as the weather is clear; is that the practice in your experience? - It is. I have never known any other practice. (The Witness withdrew.) Sir Robert Finlay: My Lord, this is the Certificate of Adjustment of the compasses. (The Certificate was handed in.) The Commissioner: I have had these Tables handed in. Sir Robert Finlay: This is the Certificate showing when the adjustment was made. The Attorney-General: My Lord, just before the adjournment I would like to fill up the time, if I may, by calling a short witness whom I am anxious to call, and then I propose to go to the Board of Trade evidence, which is the last that your Lordship will have to deal with. The witness is Mr. Adams. Your Lordship will remember that Mr. Adams was the wireless operator on the “Mesaba,” and I undertook at one time to call him whenever he came home. I doubt very much whether the evidence is going to add anything material to our knowledge, but I said I would call him, and I will therefore do so. STANLEY HOWARD ADAMS, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 22022. Mr. Adams, you were in April of this year the wireless operator on board the steamship “Mesaba” were you not? - Yes. 22023. On the 14th April of this year do you remember the Captain of the “Mesaba” handing you an ice report which he had written on paper? - I do. 22024. And did he give you directions with regard to the transmission of that report? - Yes. He said that it should be transmitted to all East-bound ships.
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