Page 120 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
P. 120
Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 21733. You have told us that the Board of Trade had no regulations regarding boat drill? - I do not think they have. 21734. Do you know if they have any inspectors whose duty it is to ascertain if boat drill has been regularly practised? - Yes, they have. Not only that, but it is in the official log of every ship. 21735. Yes, you told us it was entered in the official log, but do those Inspectors make a periodical inspection of the official log - has that been their practice? - Yes, the log is inspected every voyage, not every year. Every voyage the official log goes up to the Board of Trade. 21736. (The Commissioner.) That is so, is it not? The official log is sent at the end of the voyage to the Board of Trade? – Yes, with the articles. 21737. Sent up to Whitehall? - The Board of Trade in the shipping port from which the ship sailed. 21738. (Mr. Harbinson.) Do I understand they have no officers to come down to the vessels and make inspections there periodically? - Yes, they do. Mr. Harbinson: As regards the question of boat drill - The Commissioner: I do not know what you mean by that. 21739. (Mr. Harbinson.) I mean to test the men as regards their efficiency? - They test that when they inspect the boats on clearance day every voyage. 21740. But do they make any enquiry or investigation as to whether boat drill has been carried out between one clearance and another? - I do not know whether the Inspectors themselves do, but they satisfy themselves that the ships are efficient and that the men understand the working of the boats on clearance day. 21741. That is all you know about it; on clearance day, such inspection as is made then? - Yes. 21742. Do you think it would be advisable to supply men when they are starting out on the voyage, with badges, to indicate on those badges the number of the boat to which they are allotted? - We are doing that now. 21743. You consider that desirable? - I do. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 21744. With reference to the boat drill, there is already a Section in the Merchant Shipping Act giving power to punish a seaman who disobeys a lawful command? - Yes. 21745. Have you ever tried in connection with these firemen who have refused boat drill, putting that section in force? - We did on the occasion of the “Oceanic,” but, myself, I have not; I have not had the experience of firemen refusing drill. 21746. Do you think your hand might be strengthened in putting that Section into force, if the order for a fire drill were made compulsory by Statute or by a Board of Trade rule? - Yes. 21747. You have told us of the length of service of the different officers of the “Titanic.” During that time did they all give you perfect satisfaction? - Every satisfaction. 21748. And you have relied on them as efficient and careful officers in whom you had every confidence? - They were the pick of the service. 21749. Have you at any time had any complaints from your junior officers as to the existence of the two-watch system? - No, I have not. 21750. Do you not consider that the three-watch system for junior officers would keep the men fitter to perform their duties? - No, I think it is not necessary that junior officers of ships should have more than what we are doing at the present time - that is, the watch and watch system. 21751. You think four hours is sufficient from the time they go off watch till the time they go on watch again? - For a junior officer, yes.
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