Page 113 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
P. 113
Mr. Butler Aspinall: I was seeking for guidance for your Lordship in this case. One has often to depart from proofs. The Commissioner: Guidance? What about? Mr. Butler Aspinall: In order that your Lordship should be able to answer the questions which have been put by the Board of Trade. The Commissioner: That is quite right. 21623. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) That is what I was seeking to do. Of course, it has not been successful up to the present. (To the Witness.) With regard to binoculars. You are a practical man and have sailed these seas and advised this Company as their Marine Superintendent? - May I say I have never been in the position of Marine Superintendent since the first of the year. I am a sailor; I have been to sea. 21624. With your knowledge of the North Atlantic, what do you consider as to the desirability of binoculars being provided for look-out men? - I think they are not at all necessary. 21625. That is your opinion. Very well, that is your answer. That is the outcome of your practical experience as a seaman? - That is the outcome of my practical experience. 21626. Another question is with regard to searchlights. Do you think searchlights fitted on these vessels would serve a useful purpose? - Not at all. 21627. Since this disaster, have you considered that matter? - I have. 21628. And the result of giving your consideration to that matter is, you do not think it would be of any use at all? - No, I think it would be positively dangerous. 21629. Now this last matter, I am sure, is one which is within your knowledge, and it is due to the White Star Company to elicit it. With regard to the record of the officers, we have heard about Captain Smith. With regard to Mr. Wilde, he was an Extra Master. I will lead you as to it to shorten matters. I think he has been in the service of the White Star for 14 years? - That is right. 21630. With regard to Mr. Murdoch, he has been in the service of the White Star for 12 years? - That is right. 21631. With regard to Mr. Lightoller, he has been in their service for 12 years? - Yes. 21632. With regard to Mr. Pitman, he has been in their service for five years? - Yes. 21633. And all those gentlemen have either held or hold either extra master’s certificates or master’s certificates? - That is right. 21634. Then with regard to Mr. Boxhall, he has been, I believe, in the service of the Company for four years? - Yes. 21635. With regard to Mr. Lowe, he has been in the service for one year, and with regard to Mr. Moody, he has been in the service for eight months? - That is right. 21636. I think those three last gentlemen did not hold master’s certificates, but held the necessary certificates to enable them to fill the position they occupied? - They held master’s certificates. 21637. Did they? - Yes, all the officers in the “Titanic” held master’s certificates. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 21638. I suppose you are aware that the Board of Trade does not at present require you to have boat drill at all? - Yes. The Commissioner: I wish you would ask him, Mr. Scanlan, what a boat drill consists of. Mr. Scanlan: I will, my Lord. The Commissioner: And then ask him what the boat muster is. 21639. (Mr. Scanlan.) Yes. (To the Witness.) Would you explain to my Lord what a proper boat drill is; what does it consist of? - A proper boat drill consists of mustering the men at the
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