Page 103 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 19 - 22
P. 103
21528. I am only anxious to put it to you, because I thought I might be doing you an injustice in leaving it where it was? - Thank you very much. 21529. You seem to be suspicious, but I assure you that is the only object I have. I put it to you as 8,300 feet as compared with 9,625, but I see in the further paragraph here there is a requisition for 6,225 feet more, which would bring it up to 14,525 as against 9,625. That would be the right comparison; but it is quite true as you say. I suppose that is what you mean - I do not know whether it is - that it is only a question of a few feet. Do you mean the paragraph which goes on to say that “vessels divided into efficient watertight compartments to the satisfaction of the Board of Trade should, provided they are fitted with wireless telegraphy apparatus, be exempt from the requirements of additional boats or rafts” - Is that so? - Yes, that was the part doing away with it; you put them on and then took them off. The Commissioner: I think we have had that before. The Attorney-General: I think very likely your Lordship has; I am not quite sure. The Commissioner: If not I have had it before me in print. The Solicitor-General: I called attention to it, my Lord, in the existing rules. The Attorney-General: This is the only report; you have not had any occasion for that. The Commissioner: I do not remember this signed report at all. I have heard of it for the first time today. The Attorney-General: No, my Lord, but you will have it all in proper order of date. The question I put rather suggested it exhausted it, and it was necessary to put it right. (The Witness withdrew.) 21530. (The Commissioner.) Is Mr. Peskett here? Mr. Peskett, can you tell me how many compartments of the “Mauretania” forward, you know, would have to be full of water before she would sink? Mr. Peskett: There is one of the conditions shown on that. (Mr. Peskett explained the plan to the Commissioner.) (Adjourned to tomorrow at 10.30 o’clock.)
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