Page 96 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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The Commissioner: You need not go into that. I have not been dealing with that at all. I shall expect evidence from the Board of Trade as to the steps that they have taken to keep their requirements up to date. Mr. Scanlan: Yes, my Lord. The Commissioner: The observations that I have been making are not directed to that part of Question 26 at all, but to the last part of Question 26, the last few lines. The Attorney-General: May I point out - I do not know if my Friend caught it - that I particularly drew your Lordship’s attention to the fact that it was only with regard to the last few lines, and I said I was going to call evidence from the Board of Trade. The Commissioner: Yes. I do not think you need fear that this tribunal will not inquire and not require evidence into the conduct of the Board of Trade previous to this disaster. Mr. Scanlan: Yes, my Lord. The Attorney-General: I shall call whatever evidence is required about that. The Commissioner: I do not know whether you think that will be the proper course, Sir Robert? Sir Robert Finlay: I entirely agree, my Lord, if I may say so. I think if this Tribunal were to be invited to go into detail as to particular improvements, either in construction or with regard to the boats to be used, it would occupy so vast a space of time that the report upon the matters for which this Tribunal was really constituted, would be very unduly delayed. I entirely agree that it would be desirable that the evidence brought forward should be of a general nature, so as to enable the Court to indicate what are the points on which improvements may be possible, leaving the details to be investigated by committees or tribunals specially appointed for the purpose. The Commissioner: Very well. Now here is the witness. Are there any questions? Mr. Scanlan: I have no question, my Lord. The Commissioner: Very well. I am delighted to hear that. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 17686. This collapsible boat you got into, was it the last boat put off from the starboard side? Yes. 17687. When you put off, was the vessel awash in the fore-well deck? - Yes. 17688. The fore-well deck was under water? - Yes; the forecastle head was not submerged. 17689. With regard to the situation of the patent log that you examined, where was that; what part of the vessel was that streamed from? - The port side of the after bridge. 17690. The after bridge? - Yes. 17691. The docking bridge? - Yes. 17692. That is right aft of the upper deck? - Yes. 17693. The port side of that docking bridge aft? - Yes. Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 17694. Was this collapsible lowered by the davits that lowered the emergency boat on the starboard side? - Yes. 17695. Were you present when the emergency boat was lowered? - No, not the emergency boat. 17696. It was the same davits that lowered No. 1 boat that lowered your boat? - Yes. 17697. I think you told us you took away all those women and children that you have mentioned, roughly speaking 28 women and children, with the crew, in your collapsible? - Yes. 17698. That was after No. 1 boat went? - Of course, because we were the last one to leave that
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