Page 89 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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agree it is of no importance at all. (To the Witness.) Eventually you were saved in boat No. 7? - Yes. The Attorney-General: We have had evidence about that boat, so I am not going into any particulars about it. I will tell your Lordship why we have called him. We wanted to exhaust the look-out-men. You have had five out of six before you now. The only one who has not been called is Evans, and I do not think it is necessary to call him, because he goes on with this witness, to relieve at 12 o’clock. The Commissioner: It is of very little importance. The Attorney-General: Very little. It was only so that your Lordship should see him as the relieving watch. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 17561. On the ships of the P. and O., the Royal Mail, and the Union-Castle Lines is there a crow’s-nest? - In the Royal Mail there was a crow’s-nest when I was there in several ships. 17562. Was it the practice on the Royal Mail boats to have look-out men on the forecastle head or the stem head, as well as in the crow’s-nest? - Not stationed men. 17563. Are they sent there from time to time? - Everybody takes their trick as an able seaman. 17564. Are other seamen stationed at the stem head? - At the stem head if she has not a crow’s- nest. 17565. I mean, even when there is a crow’s-nest, is it usual at nighttime, or if there is a haze, to station additional look-outs? - Double the look-outs, yes. 17566. (The Commissioner.) That, I suppose, would depend upon the character of the haze? - Yes, my Lord. 17567. (Mr. Scanlan.) Would there not be a double look-out put on, no matter what the haze was, if it was at night? - If it was very thick; if it was a slight haze they would not double the look-out. 17568. Have you been on any of those lines when ice was reported? - No, not in those ships. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 17569. Only one question. Were you told to get the Jacob’s ladder ready? - Yes. 17570. Is that a rope ladder? - Yes. 17571. Where was that to be used? - I could not say. I left it on the boat deck. I was told to throw it down as soon as I fetched it up from the forecastle head. 17572. Who gave you the order? - The boatswain. Sir Robert Finlay: I only asked that, my Lord, in connection with what was said about the gangway doors, your Lordship recollects, at the side of the ship. He says the boatswain told him to get the rope ladder, the Jacob’s ladder, which was obviously, I suggest, for use when those gangway doors were opened, and then he was told to throw it down; it was not used. (The Witness withdrew.)
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