Page 79 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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answer to a question that I put to you that you saw ice all round when the day broke? - At daybreak. 17362. So that you had passed it, but had not seen it. Is that what you mean? You had been going through some ice? - Oh, I do not know. I am only just telling you when we were in the boat. 17363. That is what I am asking about, in the boat; you got into the boat, and you pulled away for some time? - Towards a light; we got ordered to. We got an order from Mr. Lightoller to pull for a light which was on the port bow. 17364. You did pull towards it? - We tried to get up to it. 17365. But you could not? - No. 17366. It was a white light, was it not. Then, when you were pulling towards that light you did not see any ice. Is that right? - That is right. 17367. But when the day did break you found that there was ice, if I understand you aright? - All round us. 17368. Not only in front of you, but all round? - All round the horizon like. 17369. (The Commissioner.) And icebergs? - Yes. 17370. (The Attorney-General.) Icebergs and field ice. There is only one other question I want to put to you; When you were in the “Oceanic” and employed there as the look-out, did you have glasses? - Yes. 17371. Glasses provided for you in the crow’s-nest? - Yes; every trip. 17372. Were they kept in the crow’s-nest? - No; at the end of the voyage we took them back to the Second Officer. 17373. But whilst on the voyage they were kept somewhere in the crow’s-nest? - Yes, in a bag. 17374. Did you ask for glasses? - I did not, but Symons did. 17375. You had better tell us what he said? - He said there were none aboard for us, intended for us. 17376. There was a locker there for glasses, was not there? - Yes, in the nest. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 17377. I understand you had glasses in the crow’s-nest during the journey from Belfast to Southampton? - Yes. 17378. Were those glasses marked in any special way? - It had on one side of it, “Second Officer,” and on the other, s.s. “Titanic.” 17379. Were those taken from you at Southampton? - Yes. 17380. Will you tell me how long have you been of the rank of look-out; how long you have held that position? - About four years. All the time I was in the “Oceanic.” 17381. The only boats on which you have been a look-out man are the “Oceanic” and the “Titanic”? - Yes, that is all. 17382. Is it your evidence that on every trip on the “Oceanic” you had glasses? - Every trip. 17383. Now, I want you to go back for a moment to the appearance of this iceberg when you first saw it. When you first saw it, did it appear as a very small object? - A small object. In giving evidence in America as to this - 17384. (The Commissioner.) Did you call it a small object? - I said it was the size of a small table. Mr. Scanlan: He gave a description of it in America, which I am anxious to bring to your Lordship’s notice. The Commissioner: Quite right. Mr. Scanlan: I will read to you the evidence which you gave in America, and you can just tell
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