Page 78 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
P. 78
The Commissioner: Will you tell me the effect? The Attorney-General: He says this at Question 1106: “How many people did you take on board? - (A.) 42, all told.” He said there was one seaman besides himself, and 40 passengers, and of that 40 all were women except one man and one boy. That is his evidence, and he went through it in some detail. The passenger was Major Peuchen, your Lordship will remember. The Commissioner: Yes; if that witness is right, this witness is probably making a mistake about the number of women. The Attorney-General: I think so. The Witness: I am not making any mistake at all. 17342. You are not? - I am not. 17343. Did you count them? - I did. 17344. Very well. How many were there? - I said 24 women. I know what I am talking about. Well, I should hope so. Do not be angry about it. We are not making any attack upon you; we are only calling attention to the evidence. The Commissioner: Do not take offence. No one intends to annoy you. The Attorney-General: No one is casting an imputation upon you. The Commissioner: We only want you to state the truth, that is all. The Witness: Well, I am telling the truth. The Commissioner: I am sure you are doing your best. 17345. (The Attorney-General - To the Witness.) Perhaps you can tell us this. Did you count the women there were? - I was in the boat when they were passed in. 17346. And you were in the boat, I suppose, when Major Peuchen got in? - Yes. The Commissioner: There is no doubt at all - we have not had the figures proved, but I suppose there is no doubt at all - about the numbers that were saved ultimately? The Attorney-General: No. The Commissioner: They were all saved on board the “Carpathia”? The Attorney-General: That is right. The Commissioner: And there is no doubt about the numbers the “Carpathia” took? 17347. (The Attorney-General.) No. (To the Witness.) Perhaps you can tell me this: Were there any more women on the boat deck at the time your boat was lowered? - Well, I cannot say; I think there were. 17348. There were some? - But they would not come in. 17349. Did you hear them asked to come in; did you hear them told to get into the boat? - Yes; Mr. Lightoller asked if there were any more women. 17350. There were women there, you think? - I think there were; I am not quite sure, though. 17351. But they would not get into the boat? - No. 17352. At any rate, none came forward to get into the boat? - No. 17353. As I understand, you were there passing them into the boat? - Yes. 17354. When none came forward the order was given to lower away. Is that right? - Yes. 17355. Did you notice when you got into the boat and were in the boat before daybreak, any icebergs? - It was only at daybreak we noticed them. 17356. At daybreak you saw a good deal, did you not? - Yes. 17357. Icebergs? - And fields of ice. 17358. All round you? - Yes. 17359. If I understand you aright, whilst you were in the boat, from the time you were in the boat till daybreak, you did not notice any icebergs. Is that right? - That is right. 17360. And when day broke you saw them all round you? - Yes. The Commissioner: Well, that is not unimportant. 17361. (The Attorney-General.) I am not quite sure that I understand. You said just now, in
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