Page 73 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
P. 73
FREDERICK FLEET, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 17216. Frederick Fleet, you have been in the employ of the White Star Company for some seven years, have you? - Yes. 17217. And you went on the trial trip of the “Titanic,” did you not? - Yes. 17218. As look-out man? - Yes. 17219. And then you signed articles at Southampton as look-out man? - Yes. 17220. And went this voyage that ended so disastrously? - Yes. 17221. Before you went on the “Titanic,” had you been look-out man for a number of years on the “Oceanic”? - Yes. 17222. That was also in the North Atlantic service? - Yes. 17223. How many years? - About four years. 17224. Had your eyes been tested by the Board of Trade? - Yes. 17225. You have gone through an examination? - Yes. 17226. And got a certificate? - I had one, but I lost it. 17227. Lost it? - In the “Titanic.” 17228. But, at any rate, you had got it before you went this voyage in the “Titanic”? - Yes. 17229. Your watch as look-out man, I think, was from 4 to 6 and 10 to 12? - Yes. 17230. Is that 4 to 6 in the day? - And night. 17231. And 10 to 12 in the day and night? - Yes. 17232. Your mate, I think, was Lee? - Yes. 17233. (The Attorney-General.) Lee has been examined, and you will find his evidence at page 72. (To the Witness.) And it was your duty to relieve Jewell. You did relieve him that night? - Yes, and Symons. 17234. Jewell was the first witness called. Jewell and Symons were the two? - Yes. 17235. When you relieved Jewell and Symons on Sunday, 14th April, at 10 o’clock you went to the crow’s-nest? - Yes. 17236. Was any word passed to you when you relieved them? - Yes. 17237. Tell us what it was? - They told us to keep a sharp look out for small ice and growlers. 17238. Did they say whether they had had any orders to do that? - Yes, they said they had had orders from the bridge. 17239. They got the orders from the bridge? - Yes, and passed it on to us. 17240. They had had orders to do that whilst they were on the watch and then they gave the word to you when you were going to take up the duties of look-out men? - Yes. 17241. Then you remained in the crow’s-nest with your mate Lee, and the other two left? - Yes. 17242. Did both of them say anything to you about this, or only one? - One, Symons. 17243. Did Lee say anything to you about it? - No. 17244. Up to that time had you heard anything at all about ice? - No. 17245. Now at the time you went into the crow’s-nest, which would be at 10 o’clock on that night, was the sky clear? - Yes. 17246. The sea we know was very calm? - The sea calm. 17247. The stars shining? - Yes. 17248. Could you clearly see the horizon? - The first part of the watch we could. 17249. The first part of the watch you could? - Yes. 17250. After the first part of the watch what was the change if any? - A sort of slight haze. 17251. A slight haze? - Yes.
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