Page 70 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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there in their records. Sir Robert Finlay: Be it so. The Solicitor-General: Do not call it imaginary. Sir Robert Finlay: It is purely imaginary, so far as the “Carpathia” is concerned. The Commissioner: Yes, that we understand, but apparently it was information which has been gathered from another ship. Sir Robert Finlay: Oh. yes. The Commissioner: And which the Marconi Company have placed at the service of the Board of Trade. The Attorney-General: Yes, that is it, information to us. Sir Robert Finlay: So be it. In that sense there is no objection whatever. The Commissioner: And any way, Sir Robert, it appears to me immaterial. Sir Robert Finlay: I will not spend time upon it. The Commissioner: What happened after the event does not matter much. 17181. (Sir Robert Finlay.) With regard to hours, can you help me about hours - with regard to the first message, here it is put in “11.20 p.m. Heard ‘Titanic’ calling ‘S.O.S.’ and ‘C.Q.D. Answered him immediately” and so on. I understand you to say that time should be, you think, 10.35? - 10.35 exactly. The Attorney-General: I think the witness explained. I do not know whether you caught it, that he had said in America 11.20. That appears here. 17181a. (Sir Robert Finlay.) I had. (To the Witness.) How do you get at the 10.35? - I had another chit of paper with that on. I got it directly after Cape Cod had finished the first round of press. I know he finishes at half-past 10 so that I know it must have been at 10.35. 17182. This is New York time you are speaking of? - Yes, New York time right throughout. 17183. Where did you have this chit of paper? - It was on the desk in the “Carpathia” when I left her. 17184. When you left her? - Yes. 17185. Had you that in New York? - I had not the chit of paper, no; it was in my bag; I have found it since. 17186. You have found it since? - Yes. 17187. In America in giving evidence you said 11.20; is that so? - Yes. The Attorney-General: About 11.20 New York time. 17188. (Sir Robert Finlay - To the Witness.) Since that you have found a bit of paper which shows it was 10.35? - Yes, not only that; the mere fact of my standing by directly after the first round of press proves that it was somewhere near 10.35. 17189. I am not finding fault with you in the slightest degree. When did you write down this chit? - It must have been when I was working at the time of the catastrophe. I cannot remember when I wrote it down, or I should have had it all the time. 17190. Have you got it? - It is somewhere in my bag, I think. 17191. Is your bag here? - No. 17192. Where is your bag? - It is at the office, the Marconi office. The Commissioner: Well, I do not know that it is of much importance, but you might get it for us at some time. The Attorney-General: What is it that is wanted? The Commissioner: The piece of paper upon which he made the right record of the time? The Attorney-General: Yes, 10.35. Sir Robert Finlay: You can get that for us. The Witness: I think I can - I will try. 17193. The only other question I have to ask you is about the last message. In New York I
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