Page 57 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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to mark a line, just mark the positions, the two longitudes, the boundaries of the ice. 17010. Do you remember what time it was you wrote this chit? - No, I cannot recall that, but I have been told I did it between 4 and 6 in my watch on deck. 17011. Who told you that? - Some of the other officers - I do not remember who. They said the ice was marked down there in the 4 to 6 watch. I know there was no one else did it on my watch on deck but me, from 4 to 6. 17012. Then, as I understand it, after that, as far as you are concerned, your attention was not called to any other message about ice? - No, none whatever. 17013. Not to the “Californian” message at half-past 7? - No. 17014. Were you on duty then? - No, I was not on duty until 8 o’clock. 17015. You came on at 8? - Yes. 17016. You did not hear about that? - No. 17017. And not the “Mesaba” message, which, if it came, came later? - No, I never heard anything at all about the “Mesaba” message. (The Witness withdrew.) Sir Robert Finlay: I will recall Mr. Pitman. This will be very short, my Lord. HERBERT JOHN PITMAN, Recalled. Further examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 17018. You were Third Officer, as we know? - Yes. 17019. You were on duty, we have heard, from 12 to 4 in the afternoon, and then from 6 to 8 on this Sunday? - That is correct. 17020. Did you ever hear anything about the message from the “Amerika” stated to have been received about 2 p.m. for transmission to Cape Race, or about the “Mesaba” message? - Nothing whatever. Examined by the SOLICITOR-GENERAL. 17021. I will put the same question to you. How many messages about ice on this 14th you know of? - I can only recollect one. 17022. We have been told that messages are posted in the chart room. Did you see any message posted in the chart room? - Yes, only one; that is the “Caronia” message. 17023. You are quite clear about that? - Well, there were a few other messages posted there, but they related to the time we left Southampton. 17024. We are talking about ice? - Yes, there was ice on those reports. 17025. I refer to what you said on page 346. I am going to read you five or six questions and answers beginning at 14921. Mr. Asquith asked you: “Was it within your knowledge that the ship would probably meet with ice that evening? - (A.) We knew that we should be in the longitude of ice. (Q.) Who told you that? - (A.) I saw it in a Marconigram. (Q.) Do you know from which ship that Marconigram had come? - (A.) I have no idea. (Q.) Did you particularly concern yourself with that matter? - (A.) No. I simply looked at them, and saw that there was no ice reported on the track.” Now listen to this: “Did you see one Marconigram or two Marconigrams? - (A.) Two, I think” Is that right? - (A.) No, I am not absolutely certain about that.
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