Page 51 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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16891. You have heard the “Mesaba” message, of course? - Yes. 16892. Is that a message which, if the Captain or any officer had got, he could have failed to communicate to his colleagues? - I think had that message been delivered, even to the Captain, he would immediately have brought the message out personally to the bridge; he would not even have sent it out, and he would have seen it was communicated to all the senior officers, as well as distinctly marked on the chart. It was of the utmost importance. 16893. And of a somewhat startling character? - Extremely so. 16894. The Captain, I think you said, had been on the bridge at 9.30? - From 5 minutes to 9 till 20 or 25 minutes past. 16895. (The Commissioner.) Will you tell me what messages, to begin with, about ice you saw on the 14th? - The one that the Commander brought on to the bridge in his own hands to me shortly after midday. 16896. Is that the “Caronia”? - I believe that is the “Caronia’s” message. 16897. Now, did you see any other message about ice? - I cannot give any distinct recollection of having seen any other. You will quite understand we are in and out of the chart room, and I may have seen notices on the board. If they were there I should read them. 16898. I am talking about messages from the Marconi room. Would they be pinned up on a board? - Yes. 16899. You do not remember seeing any other than the “Caronia’s”? - That is what I am explaining. If they were pinned up on this board and I was in the chart room - which we are frequently - I should notice them, make a mental note of the position of the ice, take the most easterly position, and then disregard the rest. 16900. That is to enable you to ascertain how soon you may expect to reach the ice? - Exactly. 16901. Can you tell me what other ice message besides the “Caronia’s” you heard of? - I heard of none that I remember. 16902. Did you hear any conversation about any other ice message? - None. 16903. You did not hear anything about the “Californian’s” ice message? - Of no message except that one I spoke of from 49 deg., to 51 deg. 16904. I daresay you have in your mind the messages which have been referred to? - Yes. 16905. The ice mentioned in the “Caronia’s” message was the easternmost ice of all, was it not? - I believe so. 16906. Now, it is suggested that as you would want to know the most easterly ice you may have disregarded the other messages which indicated ice further west, and may only have bent your mind upon the most easterly ice. Do you think that is so? - Exactly, my Lord, with this reservation that had there been any mention of pack ice there is no doubt I should have fixed that telegram in my mind. (The Witness withdrew.) JOSEPH GROVE BOXALL, Recalled. Further examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 16907. You gave evidence the other day. Were you present when Mr. Lowe gave his evidence after you had been called? - Not all the time. 16908. Did you hear him speak about this chit on the chart room table? - No, I have not heard it till just now. 16909. You have heard of it today? - Yes, just this moment. 16910. Had you read his evidence? - No.
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