Page 44 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
P. 44
16766. Do you remember the Captain coming to tell you and Phillips to clear out? - Yes. 16767. Can you tell us what time of night that was? - No. 16768. You have a clock in your room, have you not? - We have two. 16769. You have a clock with the ship’s time? - Yes. 16770. Have you any recollection of having seen or looked at the clock when you were told to clear out? - I had been looking at the clock whilst I was getting my P.V. entered up, my procès- verbal, but cannot recall any of the times now. 16771. You cannot tell us when it was that the Captain came in and told you to clear out? - No. Mr. Lewis: May I ask a question, my Lord? The Commissioner: Yes. 16772. (Sir Robert Finlay.) May I ask the witness one question? (To the Witness.) When you are entering up the procès-verbal was there any reference to any other ice? - I am talking of the time when we were calling for assistance. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 16773. When you returned to the Marconi room on the last occasion did anything unusual occur? - We had a lady inside there who was in a fainting condition, sitting down in a chair. 16774. Have you made a statement at any time that you found Mr. Phillips being attacked or his lifebelt being removed? - Someone was taking the lifebelt off Phillips when I left the cabin. 16775. Do I understand you to state that you thought it was a stoker who was taking this lifebelt off Mr. Phillips? - I presumed from the appearance of the man that he was someone in that line of business. 16776. This would have been a few minutes before you left the room? - Yes. 16777. Was he dressed in stoker’s gear? - Yes. 16778. Do I understand that you hit him, or what? - Well, we stopped him from taking the lifebelt off. 16779. “We,” you say? - Yes. 16780. I understood the report was that Mr. Phillips was engaged at this time with his work? - Yes. 16781. Sending messages; and that you forced this man away? - Well, I forced the man away and it attracted Mr. Phillips’s attention, and he came and assisted me. 16782. Is your recollection of this matter very clear? - It is fairly clear. 16783. Would you know the man again if you saw him? - I am not likely to see him. 16784. You are supposed to have hit him? - Well, I held him and Mr. Phillips hit him. 16785. Mr. Phillips hit him? - Yes. 16786. That is the difference between what you say and what I read. You are absolutely positive on this question? - I am positive on it, yes. 16787. Now, with regard to the installation, did you have any spare transmitters on board? - We had a standard 5 kilowatt set, as supplied by the Marconi Company, and we had emergency gear also. 16788. Was that out of gear at any time? - We had had some trouble with it the night before. 16789. For how long was it out of gear? - For five and a half to six hours. 16790. That would have been on the Saturday? - Yes. 16791. Late on Saturday? - From 11 o’clock Friday night till half-past four or five Saturday morning. 16792. Nothing occurred to it while you were on watch; I know you were off and did not go on watch again till 12. But during your watch was there any defect? - What time was this? When are you talking about?
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