Page 39 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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16651. Your pay does not depend upon the number of messages sent? - No. 16652. Do you know how you are on the articles of the ship? - Yes. 16653. What does the ship pay you? - 1s a month in some ships; in the White Star Line I received a fixed salary. 16654. How much did you receive from the White Star Company? - I have not received anything. 16655. But how much were you to receive? - I could not say; I think it was £ 2 5s. a month. The Solicitor-General: I have it here. As you said, you are on the articles of the ship’s company. What I have here is the office copy, which is forwarded to the Registrar-General of Seamen, and I see here, “H. S. Bride.” That is you, is it not? - [No Answer.] 16656. “Aged” - I cannot read it. What is your age? - 22. 16657. “London,” and then there is an address given. 16658. (The Commissioner.) While you are on the question of age, will you tell me what age Phillips was? - He was somewhere between 24 and 25, I believe. 16659. (The Solicitor-General.) Phillips is entered here as 24. (To the Witness.) Now, “Bride, London,” I cannot read what it says about the name and official number and the port she belonged to - that is your last ship, I suppose - what was it? - The “Anselm.” 16660. Yes, that is it, and you are written down as “Telegraphist”? - Yes. 16661. £2 2s. 6d. a month. I suppose you are paid a salary by the Marconi Company? - Yes. 16662. (The Commissioner.) What salary do you get from the Marconi Company? - £4 a month. The Solicitor-General: We deliberately refrained from asking Mr. Turnbull, the Marconi gentleman, the details about the agreement with the White Star because he was not prepared with the documents, and we thought it would be better to recall him on that part of the case so that we will not pursue it. 16663. I think you stated it was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon on this Sunday when you heard the “Californian” message? - I said 5. 16664. Five, you said? - Yes. 16665. I thought you said 3, but you say it was 5 o’clock by ship’s time? - Yes, between 5 and half-past. 16666. You knew it was an ice message? - Yes. 16667. I think you stated to the Attorney-General that you were engaged in adding up your accounts? - Yes. 16668. And then you went on adding up your accounts, and paid no attention to this message? - No. 16669. Then some time afterwards, I forget whether you gave us the time, you happened to hear it repeated? - Yes, that is correct. 16670. Then you had not written it down when you heard it the first time? - No. 16671. You knew it was a message to the “Titanic”? - Yes. 16672. Reporting ice? - Yes. 16673. You did not write it down? - No. 16674. You took no notice of it at all, but went on adding up your accounts? - Yes. 16675. Then, if you had not happened to hear that message repeated to another ship nothing would ever have been heard of that message? - Yes, it would. 16676. Well, forgive me. It gave the latitude and longitude. You had written nothing down when the message first came? - No. 16677. Do you suggest that without writing anything down, and being busy with accounts, you can trust yourself to carry in your head the latitude and longitude which had been given in the message? - No, I had read the text of the message, which mentioned three large bergs. I had not
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