Page 34 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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lifeboats ready. 16532. (The Attorney-General.) We know what the “Olympic’s” messages are. I wanted to get from him what was done. (To the Witness.) Do you remember the Captain coming in and telling you about the vessel? - The Captain kept in communication with us; we either went to him or he came to us. 16533. What about? - He came in and told us at one time she would not last very long, and he informed us when the engine room was flooded. 16534. Was that before or after you had had the message from the “Carpathia;” do you recollect? - After. 16535. If I follow you correctly, you have got the message from the ‘Frankfurt,” and you have got the message from the “Carpathia” that she was coming to your assistance, and then you got the message or messages from the “Olympic”? - Yes. 16536. And other vessels?- The messages from the “Olympic,” spread over to the time when we left the cabin; from the time we first established communication, Captain Haddock was sending us communications until the time we left the cabin for good. 16537. He was communicating with you, sending you messages throughout? - Yes. 16538. Now, I want you to tell me after that, and before you left for good, as you have told us, did you have any discussion or conversation with Mr. Phillips about the relative strength of the signals of the “Frankfurt,” and the “Carpathia”? - Yes. 16539. What did he say? - Mr. Phillips was of the opinion that the “Frankfurt” was the nearer of the two vessels as the strength of the “Frankfurt’s” signals was greater than those of the “Carpathia.” 16540. Did you establish communication with the “Baltic” at all? - Yes. 16541. Did you send her a message? - I myself informed the “Baltic” of the condition of things. 16542. When you say the condition of things, would you tell us as well as you can to the best of your recollection - I know it is rather hard for you at this moment, but so far as you can? - I explained to the “Baltic” that we had had a collision, and we were sinking fast. 16543. When you sent that message was Mr. Phillips there? - No. 16544. Where had he gone? - He had gone outside to have a look round. 16545. When he came back did you tell him? - Yes. 16546. Did you tell him - I mean of the communication you had established with the “Baltic”? - Yes. 16547. And the message you had sent? - Yes. 16548. Did he tell you what he had found out? - Yes. 16549. What did he say? - He told me the forward well deck was awash. 16550. Did he tell you anything else? - He told me, as far as I remember, that they were putting the women and children in the boats and clearing off. 16551. Was anything said about a list, do you remember? - There was a heavy list to port. 16552. Did you notice that? - Yes. 16553. (The Commissioner.) You noticed that yourself? - Yes. 16554. (The Attorney-General.) Of course, your Lordship recollects we have got a good many of these messages, and they can be referred to at the proper time; I do not want to take him through them all, and we do not depend on memory at all for them, as your Lordship remembers. I wanted him to tell today the story so as to bring him to the point of leaving the Marconi room. (To the Witness.) After he came back and told you that, do you remember the Captain coming in? - Yes. 16555. What did he tell you? - He told us to clear out. 16556. (The Commissioner.) To clear out of the room? - Yes.
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