Page 256 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
P. 256
forgotten the one at the foot of the stewards’ stairs. 19960. You said three earlier? - Yes. 19961. There are two right away aft, and one, which is the one we have been speaking about, in the boiler casing, and one in the first class entrance? - Yes. 19962. On page 4 you describe the decks and the groups of boats, which I need not take you through, and on page 5 you say the next deck below the boat deck was the promenade deck? - Yes. 19963. Then you say the next lowest deck is the bridge deck - B deck? - Yes. 19964. As a matter of fact, it is the deck below the bridge that the officers use, is it not? The bridge that the officers use for navigation is on the boat deck, is it not? - It is the boat deck. The B deck is constructionally known as the bridge deck - not as the navigating bridge. That is the distinction. 19965. Until you get down to the B deck is the ship of lighter construction? - The decks above B deck are of lighter construction. The Commissioner: I am not following you, Mr. Rowlatt. 19966. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Just see if I am right, Mr. Wilding. This is the roof of the officers’ quarters, is it not. (Showing)? - That is right. 19967. This is the boat deck on which the officers’ quarters stand? - Quite right - with the navigating bridge at the forward end. 19968. The navigating bridge being there. (Showing)? - Quite right. 19969. This is the A deck or promenade deck. (Showing)? - Quite right. 19970. And this is the B deck. (Showing)? - Quite right. 19971. It is called constructionally the bridge deck, although, as a matter of fact, the bridge is not there? - The Captain’s bridge is not there, but it is what is known as a bridge house, and on top of it is the bridge deck. 19972. Is the sheathing composing the sides of the vessel, so to speak, of these decks lighter? - Yes, above B deck it is much lighter. The Commissioner: Now, just put the pointer upon the decks which are lighter than the decks below them. That is the bridge deck you are pointing to, is it not? Mr. Rowlatt: That is a boat deck. The Witness: A boat deck or A deck. 19973. That is the roof of the deck-house, the Captain’s quarters; that is the boat deck, and that is A deck. (Pointing.)? - Quite right. 19974. And here is the B deck or bridge deck, where you first get into the construction of the ship? - Quite right, into the heavy construction of the hull. The Commissioner: Just put your pointer on the bridge, please. Mr. Rowlatt: The Captain’s bridge is there my Lord. (Pointing.) The Commissioner: Below that is the boat deck. 19975. (Mr. Rowlatt.) That is on the boat deck? - On part of the boat deck, my Lord. 19976. The Captain’s bridge is a room on the very forward part of the boat deck; below that is the A deck, and below that is the B deck? - Quite right. 19977. (The Commissioner.) Where does the lighter construction begin? - At B deck. Mr. Rowlatt: All above B deck. Mr. Laing: Including B deck. The Commissioner: All above B deck is of lighter construction. The decks are then of lighter construction, I understand. 19978. (Mr. Rowlatt - To the Witness.) Is that so? - Quite right. The Attorney-General: If you look at it on the model, my Lord, it is very clearly shown there. The Commissioner: Just show it to me again.
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