Page 253 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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their compartment. 19907. Then between N and O bulkheads? - That is between that and that. (Showing.) There are three, in all, three possible routes, 1, 2 and 3. They can go right up this stairway to B deck, come through the smoke-room, or outside on to the deck, and up that stairway. Or if they like, they can go through the dining saloon, and up the stairway, and eventually reach the boat deck by the forward second class stair. 19908. Now, the third class passengers. Go to the fore end of the vessel first, will you please. You say here “The third class passengers at the fore end of the vessel passed by the staircase in accordance with the Board of Trade requirements to C deck in the forward well”? - That is up to here. (Showing.) The Board of Trade or Immigration Survey insist on that ladder being provided up to the level from each compartment. There are other ladders running up here, 1, 2, 3, 4, and the ladders go up here and ladders go up there - these ladders are specially wide - to get them on to the forward well deck. 19909. I see there is written there “Third class open space.” Can you point to that? - Yes. (Pointing.) 19910. Does that mean that that is open deck? - It is not exposed to the weather, but it is open from large obstructions. 19911. Open inside? - Yes. 19912. But the ladders are required to go to the top of that? - Yes. 19913. When they get there is that a deck? - This is a deck, and that is the forward well deck. (Showing.) 19914. Is there a way up from that deck to the boat deck? - Yes, by this ladder at the forward end of the bridge deck, round the corner of this house, either port or starboard, and then up by these ladders direct to the boat deck. 19915. Is there any other way for them to get to the boat deck. Can they come aft along the working alleyways? - They can go up the working passage, which has been referred to as Scotland Road, along this deck, and enter the forward first class entrance through an emergency door here. (Showing.); then go up this main stairway, or they can continue still further on and go up this stewards’ stairway. It is open to Scotland Road, as we call it, the big working alleyway. (Showing.). 19916. At the afterend of the ship, the third class accommodation is where you are pointing now? - Yes. (Showing.) 19917. There are ladders, are there, in each of those parts. (Showing.)? - Yes, gradually increasing in width as you go up to the top deck. 19918. And then when they are on the top deck? - They come up on to an open deck. They can then go one of two ways, either up ladders at the afterend of the bridge deck, or to B deck and along to the forward second class entrance, and then up to the boat deck, or they can go, as I understand, from some of the evidence they actually did go, through and past the second class library into the first class accommodation along the first class alleyway right to the first class entrance. I think one of the stewards gave evidence that he had taken two parties that way. 19919. With regard to the crew, you say that an escape is provided from each boiler room direct to the boat deck by the fidleys. What is that? - The fidleys are the trunks which carry down the air supply. They go down at each end of the funnel, and there are ladders provided in each of those leading direct from the stokehold plate up to the boat deck. Including the engine room there are nearly 200 tons of those steel ladders in the ship. 19920. Can you enter these fidleys from the E deck? - Yes. There is a door at each fidley. As it passes E deck there is a steel door, which is never fastened in any way. You can get out into the working passage, and then you can choose any of the ways from the working passage. 19921. Those are the provisions made with regard to the boiler rooms. Are ladders also
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