Page 252 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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19886. “And then passed up their forward stairway”? - They would then go through the smoking room and up the forward stairway which is 5 feet 6 inches wide on to the boat deck, or, it they liked, they could go through at the lower level through the second class saloon to the same forward stairway. They get to the same point, but they go across at one of two levels. 19887. With regard to the second class passengers on E deck, there are some of those by the reciprocating engines, are there not? - Yes, down on E deck abreast of the engine casing. That is right, just where Mr. Asquith is pointing. 19888. It would not be shown in that section? - It was correct where Mr. Asquith was pointing. 19889. Where did they go? - It depends on whether the watertight door abaft of their accommodation has been closed or not. 19890. The watertight door is between D and E decks there (Showing.)? - Yes, that is right. 19891. What happens if that is closed? - There is an emergency door provided into the engine room and then they can go straight up the engine room ladders to the boat deck inside the engine room easing. 19892. Is that the turbine engine room casing? - No, in the reciprocating engine room. There is a special door provided. 19893. Where does the ladder come up there? - At the forward end. There are steel ladders going right up. 19894. As opposed to a stairway? - Yes, that is, it is a slope, but it is a steel runged ladder, and not a wood stair. 19895. I think we went down it on the “Olympic”? - I think you did. 19896. That is if the watertight door is shut? - If it has been necessary to close that door from an accident just close by. If there has been any accident close by it would be the duty of the steward or somebody to see that that door was open, and that they were passed aft. 19897. How would they pass along; they would go aft? - They can go aft, and then join the other second class passengers going up the forward second class stairway. 19898. When the watertight doors are closed, making a watertight compartment complete, you have to go by a ladder to get up to the top deck? - You must make some arrangement for getting them out, and that was the easiest way in this case. 19899. What other second class passengers are there? You have given us these alongside the engine casing. Now there are some alongside the turbine casing? - Yes, that is the next section further aft. 19900. How do they go up? - They have a special ladder of their own. If the watertight door is open abaft them they can go and join the forward second class stairway, but, if not, they have a special short ladder going up two decks. It is close up to the bulkhead, and then they turn through the entrance through the saloon. May I come and show you. 19901. Certainly. - They come up this transverse ladder and again turn round and come up this ladder, and then through the door. (Showing.) They are now above the watertight bulkhead, and they can go through the doors into this entrance, and then up. 19902. Then there are others on F deck below? - That is F deck. (Showing.) These people have the same ladder, and they come up in the same way. 19903. You mean there are second class passengers abreast the turbine casing on two decks? - Yes. 19904. And the ladder goes through those two decks? - It is not quite the same ladder, but there is a ladder. 19905. Passengers between M and N bulkheads on both E and F decks go where? - That is those two. (Showing.) They go in through the doors right into their entrance, and then right up this staircase. (Showing.) 19906. No question of watertight doors affects them? - No, because they have the staircase in
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