Page 250 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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plan. 19843. (Mr. Rowlatt.) How will you take it? Will you first of all go along the deck and show where the access comes from? - Yes. At the forward end of the boat deck there are two ladder- ways which lead down to the next deck, the promenade deck, the A deck, as we have called it, below. 19844. Those are the little brown marks close to the Englehardt boats? - Yes, that is right. 19845. On either side? - Yes. The next approach to the boat deck is the large first class entrance, abaft the officers’ house. 19846. That is the thing that spreads out like a fan, in brown? - Yes. The next means of access down to A deck are two ladders abaft the raised roof over the first class lounge under the third funnel. 19847. That is near the officers’ mess? - One at the officers’ mess, and one outside the deck chair house. Those go down. If you look down the deck on to A deck they are marked on the big plan in the rear of the third funnel leading aft. 19848. Is that what goes down by the lounge pantry? - No. The lounge pantry is yet another one. There is a diagonal line under the third funnel. 19849. Just below the third funnel? - There is one each side, of course - port and starboard. 19850. It is shown on this plan, my Lord, as that diagonal line under the third funnel. (Showing.) That is it, is it not? - Yes, that is right - one port and one starboard. The line is dotted on that line. 19851. Then just abaft that again? - There is another stair leading down into the lounge pantry which has connections right down to E deck. You come off the stair and walk round the foot of it, and go down again. 19852. That is a continuous stair right the way down? - That is right. 19853. (The Commissioner.) Where is that? - Just abaft the third funnel, my Lord. Mr. Rowlatt: Here, my Lord (Pointing.). 19854. (The Commissioner.) Is that it? - There is a transverse stairway - a stairway leading down athwart ships. 19855. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Instead of going this way, as this one does, it goes that way across the ship (Showing.)? - Across the ship. It is so marked on the plan. You will see the length of it. The length of the brown mark is across the ship. 19856. (The Commissioner.) That goes down to where? - Eventually to E deck, my Lord. 19857. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Then abaft that again, what is there? - From the boat deck there is the forward second class main stairway. 19858. Is that the one at the end of it? - Close to the afterend of it, the one that is between the mast and the funnel, that has a little knob called “Elevator gear” on top of it. 19859. This one (Showing.)? - Yes. 19860. This goes right down? - Yes. 19861. That is the boat deck, and it goes right away down to the bottom (Showing.)? - Yes. 19862. That can be communicated with at every deck; you can reach the staircase at every deck? - At any deck except A deck. There is no entrance on to that staircase on A deck. There is a landing but no entrance. 19863. When we were at the E end of the boat deck we did not say how far these ladders that went from the boat deck went down into the ship? - They go down two decks to B deck. 19864. The little ones, you mean, near the Englehardt boats? - The one that is close to the Englehardt boats. 19865. You can see it there going down two decks (Showing.)? - You will notice there is a landing between the two pieces of it. 19866. And then there is another ladder goes down beyond? - Yes, but you have to turn the
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