Page 25 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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16349. Is that for both or one of you? - For both. 16350. I am not sure that I understand what you said about the difference between the silent room and the Marconi room. Do you transmit in a different room to the one in which you receive? - The silent room contains the alternator and the motor and the spark gap, and it is made silent so that the noise from the sparks shall not disturb anybody round about there. You can close the sound entirely out, and it is connected through to the operating room, and the key is in the operating room. 16351. What I want to know about this for the moment is, when you speak of the silent room do you mean you only transmit in that room? Your answer to me was that “it is the room in which we transmit messages.” Do you understand? - Yes. 16352. Do you mean that it is the room in which you only transmit messages? - It is the room which contains the transmitting gear. 16353. Do you mean you do only transmit from there? - Yes. 16354. Is the Marconi room then the room in which you would only receive messages? - No. 16355. That is why I want you to tell us. What is that? - The transmitting gear is inside the silent room, and it is connected through by means of wires to the key in the Marconi room which we operate. The receiving apparatus is in the Marconi room. 16356. That is what I wanted. You, I suppose, were in the habit of recording messages, were you, in the ordinary way? - Yes. 16357. While you were on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 16358. I must ask you as a matter of form. There are no records at all that have been preserved of the messages to the “Titanic,” none of the “Titanic” records? - No. 16359. Would you tell us so far as you are able what was the first message you recollect with regard to ice reports? - The first message I recollect on the 14th April was from the “Californian.” 16360. That is the first you recollect? - Yes, and the last. 16361. Is it the only one? - It is the only one I recollect. 16362. That is on the 14th? - Yes. 16363. Just before I ask you about that - that is speaking of the 14th, but had you had any messages before the 14th that you recollect? - No. 16364. Would you tell me what was the message that you recollect receiving on the 14th. Do you recollect the time when you received it? - The time was between five and half-past in the afternoon, ship’s time. It stated that the “Californian” was passing close to large icebergs and gave the latitude and longitude. 16365. (The Attorney-General.) Your Lordship will recollect that is very much what Mr. Evans said at page 201. He says 5.35, and the witness says about 5.30. (To the Witness.) Was that a message to you, or was it merely a message which you overheard? - It was a message intended for me in the first place, but which I overheard afterwards. 16366. I am not quite sure that I understand what you mean by that. Was it a message which was directed to you? - It was not directed. 16367. Were you called up? - It was not directed to me, but I took it down for delivery. 16368. (The Commissioner.) Do you mean by taking it down writing it down? - Yes. 16369. (The Attorney-General.) Do you always write the messages down which you receive? - Yes. 16370. Is that the invariable practice? - Invariable. 16371. Do you also write the messages which you send? - They are generally written for us. 16372. And put before you for the purpose of your transmitting them? - Yes. 16373. What ship was sending the message? - The “Californian.” 16374. For whom was the message intended? - To the best of my recollection it was the
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