Page 247 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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minutes. (After a short adjournment.) Mr. Laing: My Lord, may I apply with my friend, Mr. Alfred Bucknill, to represent the shipbuilders, Messrs. Harland and Wolff, so far as it may be necessary. The Commissioner: Certainly. EDWARD WILDING, Sworn. Examined by Mr. ROWLATT. 19789. What is your Christian name? - Edward Wilding. 19790. I think you are a Naval Architect? - Yes. 19791. And are you in the employment of Messrs. Harland and Wolff? - Yes. 19792. And did you design or did you take part in the designing of this ship, the “Titanic”? - Yes, it was made in our designing office at Belfast. I was one of the people connected with the making of the design. 19793. You are in a position to give us the details about the construction of the ship? - Yes, that is right, as far as possible. 19794. We know a great deal about it already, you understand, but you can give us all the dimensions of the ship? - Yes. Mr. Rowlatt: Your Lordship has the extract from the Register which gives you a great many of them, and I do not propose to ask questions on those points. The Commissioner: You might ask him whether the figures are right. 19795. (Mr. Rowlatt.) Yes, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Are the figures in the Register correct? - Yes. 19796. There are two figures here which I think are not in the Register. One is the load draught; how much is that? - 34 feet 7 inches. 19797. And the displacement at load draught is what? - 52,310 tons. 19798. Does that mean that when the ship is loaded down to her load draught she displaces and therefore weighs 52,310 tons of water? - Yes, a ton of 2,240 lbs. 19799. It is distinct altogether from the tonnage of the ship? - Entirely. 19800. That is what the mass of the ship would weigh? - Yes, actually loaded to that draught. 19801. You can also give us, can you not, the heights above the decks? - Yes. 19802. I have them here; just see if they are right. The height between the Orlop and lower deck is 8 feet? - Yes. 19803. Between the lower and middle 8 feet? - Yes. 19804. Between the middle and upper, 8 feet 6 inches? - Yes. 19805. Between the upper and saloon, 9 feet? - Yes. 19806. Between the saloon and shelter, 10 feet 6 inches? - Yes. 19807. That is amidships, is it not? - Yes, for about half the length. 19808. Between the shelter and bridge decks, 9 feet? - Yes. 19809. Between the bridge and promenade, 9 feet? - Yes. 19810. And between the promenade and boat, 9 feet 6 inches? - Yes. 19811. And the camber on all decks was 3 inches? - Yes, 3 inches in the extreme beam. 19812. The vessel was constructed, was she not, under the survey of the Board of Trade? - She was. 19813. In order to get a passenger certificate? - Yes.
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