Page 244 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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your vessels from the routes, and the reports that were made with regard to that and the enquiries held? - Yes, I did speak of it. 19752. Is this a list of cases in which such enquiries were held of such deviations? - I had this looked up at the Solicitor-General’s request yesterday. 19753. It is not necessary to go through them, my Lord. It shows the deviations reported, and the ground of them is stated? - And the Captain commended in most cases for doing it. 19754. In most cases it would be found that the reason for the deviation is regarded as satisfactory? - Yes. 19755. I think there is only one other matter I want to ask you about. With reference to this red book, when were the rules which are comprised in this red book drawn up originally, and by whom? - They would be originally drawn up when these various subsidiary companies were formed, and this book is a selection from the various books which were in existence in 1907. 19756. Was there a book for the “Oceanic” for the White Star Line? - Yes. 19757. How did that compare, as regards the rules, with the contents of this book? - I think I am right in saying that there is more of the “Oceanic” Company’s Rules in this book than of any other subsidiary company. 19758. In 1907 I think the rules were modified. Who drew up the rules in their modified form, as they appeared in this red book in 1907? - A committee, consisting of the managers of the various companies concerned went through them rule by rule. 19759. Where? - Here in London. 19760. They were settled in London in the way you have described? - Yes, by the local managers. 19761. It is headed “International Mercantile Marine Company”? - That is to give it a name. 19762. They are intended for use by a good many companies? - Yes, about five. 19763. Five companies? - Yes, about five. 19764. That name was given, and they were prepared in the way described? - Yes. Further examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 19765. Have you been through these letters? - I have seen them all at one time or another, but I have glanced through them this morning. 19766. That extends from 1892 to the present year? - Yes, I think there is one selected for 1892 for a particular purpose. 19767. Of course, these are only samples? - Yes. 19768. You have not attempted to get them all? - No. 19769. I have been going hastily through it, but I do not think I have come across any deviations on account of ice? - I think there are some. 19770. Except this year? - I would not like to say what they were. 19771. I find two, but they are only after the event? - I told our people to find as many as they could, and send them on. 19772. There are two, my Lord, which, in view of a question your Lordship put yesterday, I think I might call particular attention to, and that is one of the 24th April of this year. I notice there is one, as I am informed, which is dated “Montreal,” which refers to ice? - Yes. 19773. That is in 1911? - Yes. 19774. What I wanted to know was whether there were any other reports of this year, after the “Titanic” disaster, with reference to ice encountered in the track from Queenstown to the United States, to New York? - I instructed our people by wire yesterday to send all they could get, all they could find. I think I am right in saying there have been very few deviations on account of ice for some years. There has been very little ice seen on the Atlantic; but these do show, Sir,
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