Page 227 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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be served. 19526. Do you not know that it is actually done in the case of some lines? - I do not know. The Commissioner: Can you tell me which line? Mr. Harbinson: I do not know of my own knowledge, my Lord, but I have been told that it is done in the case of some of the Japanese Lines, but I will try and obtain the information for your Lordship. The Commissioner: From where to where? Mr. Harbinson: I take it, it is the ships that ply in the Far East, probably between the East and England. The Commissioner: You mean boats plying in Eastern Waters. Mr. Harbinson: That is my information, my Lord - that that has been done. The Commissioner: Well, I do not like cross-examining gentlemen in your position, Mr. Harbinson, but will you tell me the name of the line? Mr. Harbinson: That I cannot do, my Lord, but I can ascertain it for your Lordship. The Commissioner: Can you tell me the source from which the information comes? Mr. Harbinson: I have been told so, personally. The Commissioner: By whom? Mr. Harbinson: I was told so by a nautical man in London. The Commissioner: What is his name? Mr. Harbinson: His name, I believe, is Macdonald. The Commissioner: Where does he live? Mr. Harbinson: I cannot give your Lordship his address. The Commissioner: Is the question based simply upon information given to you by a gentleman named Macdonald, who lives somewhere, and you do not know where. Mr. Harbinson: I know where he is to be found. The Commissioner: Where is he to be found? Mr. Harbinson: At a club, of which I am a member, my Lord. I hope I have submitted patiently to your Lordship’s cross-examination. The Commissioner: But you know, really, if I am to sit here to listen to questions based upon information or suggestions derived from somebody in a club, I do not know when I am to get to the end of the Enquiry. Mr. Harbinson: The question, I submit to your Lordship, is important in this way, that if a station had to be allotted to each individual - The Commissioner: We are upon the question of practice in Eastern Waters of Japanese Lines, the names of which I do not know, and upon matters mentioned apparently by a gentleman named Macdonald in a club. Mr. Harbinson: I submit, my Lord, that one of the functions of this Commission is to make recommendations. The Commissioner: It is; and it is one of the functions to try and get reliable evidence upon the question. Mr. Harbinson: I was merely putting the suggestion to the Witness in order to ascertain his opinion. The Commissioner: Are you going to call Mr. Macdonald? 19527. (Mr. Harbinson.) That I shall exercise my discretion upon when the proper moment arrives. (To the Witness.) Now, do you know whether the Board of Trade have got regulations with regard to boat drill? - They make a certain boat inspection before the ship sails. 19528. Do they take any steps to ascertain from time to time whether proper boat drill is carried out? - I do not recall that that is any part of their Regulations; it may be. 19529. At present you do not know whether they do or do not? - I do not recall whether they
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