Page 21 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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16269. (Sir Robert Finlay.) “M.G.Y.” is the “Titanic”? - Yes. 16270. (The Commissioner.) When you were asked “What does that mean?” your answer ought to have been “The letters mean the ‘Titanic.’” Is that so? - That is so. 16271. (Sir Robert Finlay.) This message is sent out at 11.45 a.m.? - Yes. 16272. What time would that be? - That is New York time. 16273. To the “Titanic” there would be I am told two hours and ten minutes difference where she was? - I am not certain about that. 16274. Two hours or something over? - About that I should say. 16275. That would make it nearly 2 p.m.? - Ship’s time, yes. 16276. Roughly - I am not tying you to a minute or two, but it would be roughly 2 p.m. ship’s time when this reached the “Titanic”? - I should say so. 16277. This was sent to the “Titanic,” I think your expression was - I will read what I took down at the time - “This message was a private message from the Commander of the ‘Amerika’ to the Hydrographic Office. It concerned no one else.” That is right? - That is right. 16278. And the “Titanic” was being used simply for transmission on to Cape Race? - Yes. 16279. Being nearer to Cape Race than the “Amerika”? - Yes. 16280. The “Amerika” not being as you infer within range of Cape Race? - That is it. 16281. Whether that message was shown to any of the officers of the “Titanic” depends entirely upon the action of the Marconi operator? - It does. 16282. The Marconi operator, I think you have told us, is your servant? - He is. 16283. Paid by you, I think? - Yes. 16284. And under your orders? - Yes. The Commissioner: Are there any means of ascertaining what Marconi operator was on duty at the time when this message would be received by the “Titanic.” Sir Robert Finlay: I think Mr. Bride may be able to tell us that, my Lord. I am not at the moment able to say whether it was Bride or Phillips. There were only the two. The Commissioner: Is Bride here? The Attorney-General: Yes, he is going to be called. The Commissioner: I should like to know because I could follow it so much more easily. I should like to hear from him now if he can tell us which of the two would be on duty at that time. Sir Robert Finlay: Is Bride here? Mr. Bride: Yes. (The Witness withdrew.) HAROLD BRIDE, Sworn. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 16285. Only one question at this time. About 2 p.m. on Sunday, the 14th April, who was on duty at the Marconi office on board the “Titanic”? - Mr. Phillips. The Commissioner: That is enough. 16286. (Sir Robert Finlay - To the Witness.) 2 p.m. ship’s time, you understand that? - Yes, ship’s time. (The Witness withdrew.)
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