Page 169 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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York? The Commissioner: I should like both, if I could have them. Sir Robert Finlay: And any French instructions also, if there are any French lines? The Commissioner: Yes, certainly. Sir Robert Finlay: In fact, all the information that can be got with reference to lines of repute using that route will be obtained and laid before your Lordship. The Commissioner: You see my view as to whether the “Titanic” took all proper precautions, having regard to the knowledge that they had at the time, would no doubt be influenced by what other large lines were doing in the same circumstances. Sir Robert Finlay: Now I have handed up to your Lordship the copy of the memorandum as to the North Atlantic Lane routes, as they are called. That was agreed upon in 1898? The Witness: Yes. Sir Robert Finlay: It is a memorandum which I have handed up, my Lord. The Commissioner: Beginning “West-bound.” Sir Robert Finlay: Both ways. The Commissioner: “West-bound, East-bound,” and so on. Sir Robert Finlay: Yes. There is a chart inside it. The Commissioner: Yes; what is the document? Sir Robert Finlay: It is a memorandum of what was agreed upon with regard to the routes to be adopted westward and eastward, agreed upon at a conference held between all the companies engaged in that trade. The Commissioner: Do you mean foreign companies as well as English companies? 18977-8. (Sir Robert Finlay - To the Witness.) Were there any foreign companies? - I think so; the agreement is signed. Sir Robert Finlay: I think your Lordship will see on the last page that it is signed - The Hamburg-Amerika, I see, and the Norddeutscher Lloyd; the Compagnie Generale Trans- Atlantique; the American Line; and then the other companies are the Atlantic Transport Company, Elder Dempster and Co., the Cunard, the Furness Line, W. Johnston and Co., Limited, the National Steamship Co., Limited, the Red Star Line, the Wilson Line and the White Star Line. 18979. (The Commissioner - To the Witness.) The White Star Line means the Oceanic Company? - Yes, the Oceanic Steam Navigation. 18980. (Sir Robert Finlay.) The chart gives the substance of the regulations agreed upon, showing the route from August to January. From August to January they can go further north with propriety, because, owing to the action of the heat of the summer the ice has by that time been melted in the southern latitudes to which it has drifted. I need not stop to read this, my Lord. (To the Witness.) Now, with regard to ice, your Company gets notice from other companies, I suppose, as to ice having been sighted by any of their vessels? - Yes, there is a system of interchange - of information between the Captains; we pass it on to one another. 18981. Just describe what that arrangement is. Every notice of ice received by any company is sent on to the other companies? - Yes. 18982. Do you supply to your Commanders before they start on any voyage all the information up to date that has been received with regard to ice in that way? - Certainly. 18983. Now, one question with regard to another matter, Mr. Ismay, if you please. You were asked some questions as to a design for 40 boats for the “Olympic” or the “Titanic.” Did you ever hear of such a design? - No. 18984. You know nothing whatever about it? - No, I have no recollection of it whatever. The Commissioner: You asked about that, Mr. Scanlan. Mr. Scanlan: Yes, I did, my Lord.
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