Page 15 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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16209. I think you told me the entry “Exchanged Trs.” means “Exchanged time rushes.” It means the two ships have got into communication? - Yes, they have just got into communication. 16210. (The Commissioner.) What does “G” mean, “Condition G”? - Good. 16211. What was good? - Communication. 16212. At 7.50. Does this word, which is contracted, mean examined or what? - “Exchanged.” 16213. And then there is something which I cannot read? - “Trs.” 16214. What are those? - Those are what we call “Time rushes.” 16215. And what are time rushes? - They are the messages which each ship exchanges with another as soon as it enters into communication with that ship to inform each other of the telegrams which one has for the other, and to check their times. 16216. “Time rushes, s.s. ‘Titanic,’ bound west, sent ice reports. - M.G.Y.” Those are the letters? - Those are the call letters. 16217. For the “Titanic”? - Yes. 16218. “Sent ice report.” Now is there anything in this procès-verbal to show what ice report was sent? 16219. (The Solicitor-General.) My Lord, I am going to do that now; I am dealing with it in exactly the same order as the others. (To the Witness.) Now have you got the message at 7.50 p.m., which is recorded as being sent from the “Mesaba” to the “Titanic”? - I have. 16220. Just read out what you have got on that piece of paper, and then you must hand it up. Sir Robert will want to see it? - “‘Mesaba’ office, 14th April, 1912. Office sent to, M.G.Y.” 16221. Does that mean to the “Titanic”? - That means “Titanic.” “Time sent, 7.50 p.m. By whom sent, S.H.A.” Those are the initials of the operator. “From ‘Mesaba’ to ‘Titanic’ and all east-bound ships. Ice report in latitude 42 N. to 41° 25’ N., longitude 49 W. to longitude 50° 30’ W. Saw much heavy pack ice, and great number large icebergs. Also field ice. Weather good, clear.” 16222. Have you any record on that same piece of paper as to whether there was any reply? - At the bottom of the form there appears this entry by the operator. Sir Robert Finlay: Have you got the reply? 16223. (The Solicitor-General.) It is on the same piece of paper I want you to see? - This reply was not from the Captain; this reply was from the operator of the “Titanic.” “Reply received, thanks.” 16224. Is there anything added? - There is another remark added, yes. 16225. That is what I want? - “Reply received. Thanks. Sent this to about ten other ships as well; names in P.V.” 16226. What does “P.V.” stand for? - It means his procès-verbal. 16227. Is that initialled? - It is initialled. 16228. What are the initials? - “S.H.A.” 16229. That is the same initials as those you had before? - Yes. 16230. Who is the gentleman? - His name is Adams, the operator of the “Mesaba.” 16231. Now will you hand that up to my Lord? - Yes (Handing up the same.). The Commissioner: Where did you get this information. You had not it when the case was opened, I suppose? The Solicitor-General: I can show your Lordship exactly the moment when we got it. The Commissioner: It does not matter. The Solicitor-General: I have that exactly here. The Commissioner: This message was not referred to in the opening at all. The Solicitor-General: If your Lordship will look, this is a print of the letter we received from the Marconi Company on the 7th May (Handing same.) If your Lordship will look at that letter the bottom paragraph but one -
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