Page 139 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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ship? - I did not. 18536. Did you know at all what was happening on the port side? - I did not. 18537. Did you hear any reports of the ship making water? - I did not. 18538. You were not told about that? - I was not. 18539. Did you notice any list? - When I left the ship she had a list to starboard. 18540. To starboard? - To port, I beg your pardon. 18541. Did you notice whether she had any list to starboard? - No, I did not. 18542. With regard to the four boats that you saw lowered, did you see whether they were full? - No, I could not tell that; I saw 3, 5, 7, and 9 lowered. 18543. How long did you remain on the “Titanic” after the impact? - I should think, as I said in Washington, an hour and a half, or perhaps longer than that. 18544. And meanwhile did you notice that the vessel was going down by the head? - I did. 18545. That, of course, increased as time went on? - It did. 18546. Did you think it was in a very serious condition? - As time got on I did. 18547. And that the ship was sinking? - I did. 18548. Did you tell anybody that? - I did not. 18549. So far as you know, were any of the passengers told that the vessel was sinking? - Not so far as I know. 18550. Do you remember the collapsible boat on the starboard side being lowered? - I do. 18551. You were present then? - I was. 18552. And were you assisting in helping the women and children in? - I was. 18553. Were there any other passengers there, I mean passengers other than women and children? - No, not that I saw. 18554. Was there any other boat on the starboard side; was there any boat left when the collapsible was being lowered? - I believe there was another collapsible on the top of the officers’ house. 18555. But, except the collapsibles, had every boat been lowered? - Every wooden boat was away. 18556. All the eight on that side? - Yes. 18557. Did you see how many passengers were put into this collapsible? - No, I did not see at the time. 18558. Did she appear to be full? - She was very fairly full. 18559. Would you tell us what happened after you got the women and children in? - After all the women and children were in and after all the people that were on deck had got in, I got into the boat as she was being lowered away. 18560. There was no order to you to get in? - No, none. 18561. Did any other passenger get in? - One. 18562. That is a Mr. Carter? - Mr. Carter. 18563. Am I right, then, in this, that there were women and children and some members of the crew to man the boat and two passengers, yourself and Mr. Carter? - Yes, and four Chinamen were in the boat. 18564. Four Chinamen who, we have heard, were discovered after the boat was lowered? - Yes. 18565. That, your Lordship will remember, is Rowe’s evidence. Did you see Mr. Andrews at all between the time of the impact and your leaving the vessel? - I did not. 18566. Before you got into the boat was any attempt made to call up other passengers to come up on to the boat deck? - That I do not know; I was never off the boat deck. 18567. You do not know? - I do not. 18568. Am I right then, Mr. Ismay, that you did not hear any such order given and you did not
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