Page 137 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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came to that conclusion because of what was in the Marconigram? - Largely. 18485. Then the Marconigram was unintelligible to you, was it not, unless you understood the latitude and longitude? - It was unintelligible to me as far as latitude and longitude were concerned. 18486. But the latitude and longitude were the things which would tell you where the ice was? - Yes. 18487. And the only things in the Marconigram which would tell you where the ice was? - Yes. 18488. Then I am quite at a loss to understand why it is you say that you came to the conclusion that you would be in the ice region because of the Marconigram? - Because of the Marconigram and having turned the corner. 18489. Is it both? - Yes, the two together. 18490. Now what information in the Marconigram led you to the belief that you were approaching the ice region? - Because I presumed the man would not send the Marconi message to us unless the ice was there and that we were approaching it. He knew where we were. 18491. Then what you mean is this, that you presumed the “Baltic” had sent a message, without knowing whether it was right or wrong, apprising you of ice in your track? - Yes, or it must have been very close to the track. 18492. Near it? - Yes. 18493. Is that what you mean to say? - Yes. (After a short adjournment.) 18494. (The Attorney-General.) You occupied a cabin on B deck? - Yes. 18495. Did you occupy a suite there? - I did. 18496. That is on the port side of the vessel? - The starboard side, I think. 18497. No, it is the port side - at least, I think so, if it is the one I mean. Do you remember the number? - I think it was 52 or 56, or something like that. 18498. Will you just look at the plan and you will see. (The witness examined the plan.) I will remind you of what you said in America. At one time you were not quite sure of the number. You thought it was 52? - I think some other gentleman said he had that room. 18499. That is right; some other gentleman said he had it? - Yes, but I still think I had 52. The passenger plan would show that. The plan of the accommodation in the office would show which room I had. 18500. It is not very important. If your Lordship will look at B deck, it is on the port side - what is called the bridge deck. You will see the staircase which is marked there, and then “First class,” and then there is a boiler casing amidships, and then on the port side you will see B 52, 54, and then a bathroom, and then 56. It is either 52 or 56, I understand that you occupied? - Or the corresponding rooms on the other side. 18501. (The Commissioner.) You do not mean on the other side of the ship? - Yes; I am not certain which side it was - the corresponding rooms. 18502. (The Attorney-General.) Very well. I do not think it matters much. At the time of the impact you were in bed and asleep? - I was. 18503. You were awakened by the impact? - Yes. 18504. Did you realise what had happened? - I did not. 18505. Did you then get up? - I stayed in bed a little time, and then I got up. I really thought what had happened was we had lost a blade off the propeller. 18506. You got up, and where did you go? - I went along the passageway out of my room and I met a steward.
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