Page 123 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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18236. And from Boston to the Mediterranean? - Yes. 18237. And from Montreal to Liverpool? - Yes. 18238. Then there is the Mississippi and Dominion Line. Has that anything to do with the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company? - No. 18239. That is another? - It is a separate company altogether. 18240. That is another company controlled by what I may call for convenience, the American Shipping Trust? - Yes. 18241. Is the International Mercantile Marine Company the name of the American company? - Yes. 18242. What one speaks of for convenience as the American Shipping Trust? - Yes. 18243. I do not mean to suggest that it is a Trust - there is some objection, I believe, in America to calling it a Trust, but I only want to get the fact so that we may see where we are about it. That is the American company? - Yes. 18244. Is the share capital of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company held by the American combination? - Yes. 18245. That I have referred to for convenience to save a long name as the American Trust. Are the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company’s shares a most important branch of the American Company’s assets? - Yes. 18246. I think it represents very nearly half the total tonnage controlled by the American Trust? - Very nearly. 18247. Then the American Trust also controls the Mississippi and Dominion Line, does it not? - Yes. 18248. It runs from Montreal to Liverpool? - And from Avonmouth to Canada. 18249. Then there is the British North Atlantic? - Yes. 18250. Does that also run from Liverpool to Canada? - Yes. 18251. Is that also an English company the shares of which are held by the American Trust? - Yes. 18252. Then I think there is also the Atlantic Transport Company, is there not? - Yes. 18253. And are the shares held in the same way by the American Trust? - Yes. 18254. The Atlantic Transport Company is an English registered company? - Yes. 18255. And that also runs from London to New York? - From London to New York and from the Continent to Baltimore and between London and Philadelphia also. 18256. I think, with the exception of some American lines, and one other which I am about to call attention to, the Leyland Line, that represents substantially the shipping controlled by the American Trust, does it not? - There is the American Line and the Red Star Line. 18257. I said with the exception of the American Lines? - Yes. 18258. There is one other Company which I must refer to, because it will interest my Lord in reference to this Enquiry; the American Shipping Trust also controls the Leyland Line, does it not? - It holds a controlling interest in the Leyland Line. 18259. (The Attorney-General.) My Lord, the Leyland Line, you will remember, would be the owners of the “Californian,” that is the point of it. (To the Witness.) And you have mentioned the Red Star, which was an American Line, which is also owned by the American Trust? - Yes, the American Line running between Southampton and New York. 18260. (The Commissioner.) How many lines of steamers does the American Trust control? - Do you mean how many companies, my Lord, or how many different lines? 18261. I mean how many companies altogether - British companies? - Five, I think it is. 18262. How many American companies does it control? - Two. 18263. Then the American company holds substantially, though not completely, all the share capital in these different companies? - Yes, with the exception of the Leyland Line.
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