Page 122 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 18216. Have you been seen by the Solicitors of the “Californian” since you have been home? - How do you mean? Will you be more explicit? 18217. I am anxious to understand from you whether since you returned to this country you have made a statement to anybody? - Yes. 18218. Was that the Solicitor representing the owners of the “Californian”? - No, a Board of Trade Official. 18219. To the Board of Trade? - Yes, at the Wrecks’ Office. 18220. That, of course, we know; that is the deposition. Do you mean you have made no other statement? - None whatever. 18221. And you have not been seen by anybody? - No. 18222. I am not suggesting there is any harm in it; I only want to know the fact? - No, I am telling you the truth; you asked me and I am telling you. 18223. You are perfectly right. You are justified in what you have said in America by what has transpired since. I am not going to ask questions, my Lord, in detail about it because your Lordship has the evidence of the “Californian” before you; but I want to say this, so that my friend, Mr. Dunlop, may understand the contention, that I disagree entirely with his observation that, according to the evidence, nobody paid any attention to these rockets. I have the evidence. The Commissioner: It is not in accordance with my recollection. The Attorney-General: Nor with mine. I only say it so that my friend may not think I am passing it because I admit the statement; I differ entirely from it. (The Witness withdrew.) JOSEPH BRUCE ISMAY, Sworn. Examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 18224. Mr. Ismay, are you a member of the firm of Ismay, Imrie and Company; they are the managers of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Limited? - Yes. 18225. And that Company was the owner of the “Titanic”? - Yes. 18226. You are also, I think, managing director of the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Limited? - Yes. 18227. I do not want to go in elaborate detail into the constitution of the Company or the American company, but I must ask you just one or two questions so that my Lord may understand how this matter stands. It is a little complicated. But apparently the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, Limited, is an English company, is it not? - Yes. 18228. With its registered office at Liverpool? - With its registered office at Liverpool. 18229. And the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company owns all the White Star Line steamers? - Yes, the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company is the legal name of the Company. 18230. That is the Company, and it owns the vessels which are generally spoken of as the White Star Line? - Yes. 18231. The White Star Line runs from New York to Liverpool, does it? - Yes. 18232. And New York to Southampton? - Yes, and to many other ports as well. 18233. And also from Liverpool to Australia? - Yes. 18234. And from Liverpool to New Zealand? - Yes, and to Canada. 18235. I was going to ask about that - and also the Mediterranean? - Yes.
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