Page 120 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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18172. I think you came back by the “Cestrian,” the next boat of the same company? - Yes. 18173. You had no intention of deserting the “Californian”? - Oh, not a bit, Sir. Examined by Mr. ROBERTSON DUNLOP. 18174. As I understand, you came on deck for a moment at midnight and then went to your cabin? - At midnight? No. 18175. After you went off duty at midnight I understand you went forward to your cabin? - Yes. 18176. And on your way forward you saw the lights that you have described? - Yes. 18177. Then did you go to your cabin? - Yes. 18178. And remain there for some time? - Yes. 18179. While you were in your cabin did you hear the noise of ice? - Yes. 18180. What kind of noise was it? - A grinding noise. 18181. Grinding against your ship’s side? - Yes, I was as close to the ship’s side as I am to you; it kept me awake; I could not sleep for it. 18182. Was it a noise of thick field ice? - No, just a grinding, rubbing noise. 18183. Of field ice that was surrounding you? - Yes. Supposing somebody was taking a barrel along the road where I was sleeping, and it scraped along the side - that was just the noise. It was not very loud, but just a grinding noise. 18184. Was it thick ice which was around you? - No. 18185. The ice was sufficient to make a noise to prevent you from sleeping, apparently? - Yes. 18166. And then you came on deck? - Yes. 18187. To smoke a cigarette? - Yes. 18188. And it was while you were smoking a cigarette that you saw what you took to be a rocket? - Yes, I was certain of it. 18189. Did you mention the fact to anybody? - Yes, to several people. 18190. At the time did you report this rocket to anyone? - No, Sir. 18191. Was there anyone on the bridge? - I could not say, there should be. 18192. Whether anybody else saw that rocket you at that time did not know? - I do not see how they could help it. There is a look-out man and a Quartermaster, and there is the officer of the watch. I do not see how they could help but see it. 18193. Did it occur to you that what you saw was something which you ought to report to the officer who was in charge of your ship? - No, I had no business to report it. 18194. And after you had finished your cigarette, you went down to your cabin and turned in and slept till you were called the next morning? - Yes. 18195. You did not attach much importance at the time apparently to what you say you had seen? - No, not any importance. It was a signal, and other people on the ship, the proper people would attend to that. It was nothing to do with me. 18196. And it was not till after you had heard of the loss of the “Titanic” that it occurred to you that this signal that you had seen might have been of some importance? - Yes. 18197. And until then you did not mention this signal to anyone on board the ship, did you? - I did not have the chance. The Attorney-General: I do not quite follow. Is it suggested that signals were not sent up? 18198. (Mr. Dunlop.) No, I am not suggesting that. (To the Witness.) What I am suggesting is that neither you nor anyone who saw those signals attached at the time any importance to them? - I do not know whether anybody else did who saw them, but I did not. The Attorney-General: What he said was, “It was nothing to do with me.” The Commissioner: He is a donkeyman, working in the engine room.
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