Page 114 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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other vessel. 18060. You say that you saw at some time both the sidelights of that other vessel? - Yes, we were right bow on to it; I could see both the lights. 18061. For how long was it that you were able to see both the sidelights of that other vessel? - I did not see them long. 18062. Only a short time? - Only a short time, that was all. 18063. After that, did you see one sidelight? - I did not look any more; I had my back to it, and was pulling all the time. 18064. You mean you only looked round for a short while? - Yes. 18065. So that what was happening after that or before that you cannot tell us at all? - No. The Commissioner: I am told that with four men, a boat of this size, carrying about 35 passengers in such a sea as we know there was, would not move along quicker than about two and a-half to three miles an hour. Sir Robert Finlay: They must have gone very slowly. The Attorney-General: Perhaps that is rather more than they did; that is a little more than they did with four men rowing. I should have thought they would have done a little less than that. I certainly do not suggest they would have done more. I should have expected rather less. 18066. (Sir Robert Finlay - To the Witness.) According to the best of your judgment how far off were these lights when the Captain said “Row there and come back”? - Between five and seven miles, I should say. 18067. You say at that time two masthead lights? - Yes. 18068. Nothing else? - Nothing else. 18069. At that time, in your judgment, were the masthead lights stationary or moving? - They seemed stationary. 18070. What deck were you on when the collision took place? - On B deck, forward. 18071. Did you see to getting the passengers cleared out of that part of the ship? - Every one. 18072. Every one? - Yes. 18073. Did you do anything in the way of closing doors? - I closed all the doors up. 18074. What doors do you mean? - The cabin doors - the state-room doors. 18075. After the people were cleared out? - Yes. 18076. You said, besides that lady who refused to leave, there were some other ladies on deck? - Yes, there were several ladies round the boat. 18077. What became of them? - They went in No. 10 boat, I believe. The Attorney-General: Not Mrs. Straus. 18078. (Sir Robert Finlay.) I said the other ladies. (To the Witness.) Mrs. Straus refused to go at all? - She refused to go without her husband. 18079. And she remained? - Yes. 18080. And the other ladies went in boat No. 10? - I believe so. 18081. (The Commissioner.) You did not see them go? - No, Sir. 18082. You were already in the sea in No. 8? - Yes. 18083. (Sir Robert Finlay.) How do you know they went in No. 10? - The Chief Officer told them to go along to No. 10 boat and get in there. 18084. You heard him give that order? - Yes. Re-examined by the ATTORNEY-GENERAL. 18085. I want you to help us upon this if you can. Did you see the “Carpathia” lights, or did you see her in daylight first? - I saw her lights coming round. 18086. You say you saw her lights? - Yes.
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