Page 113 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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the boat. 18044. Did you hear Captain Smith turn round and say, “Any more women or children for this boat. We have plenty of time if the women will get in there”? - No, I never heard that. 18045. Then you did not hear him shout three times, “Any more women or children for the boat?”? - Not for that boat, no. 18046. I am talking of that boat. Did you hear him shout that for any boat? - No. 18047. Then it is right to say that this man Jones suggested going back to the “Titanic”? - He did. 18048. And that the ladies said, “You must carry out Captain Smith’s orders”? - Yes. The Attorney-General: Your Lordship says “the ladies” said that; there is some question about that. Perhaps your Lordship would ask him what he means. The Commissioner: I am putting it from this statement. The statement here is - I suppose it is proposed to call this man at some time - “Most of the ladies objected.” The Attorney-General: That, if your Lordship will permit me, is rather different. I have documents before me. It may be necessary to go into this matter more fully. When your Lordship said “the ladies” suggested going back it would include Lady Rothes. The Commissioner: I was inaccurate. I ought to have said “most of the ladies.” The Attorney-General: Perhaps the witness might tell us with regard to it, because Lady Rothes is rather concerned about that. 18049. (The Commissioner - To the Witness.) Did the lady who was steering object to go back? - I did not hear her; I was in the forward part of the boat. 18050. You saw the ship go down? - Yes. 18051. Did you hear the cries of the people as the ship went down? - We heard a little, but we were a long distance away. The Commissioner: Thank you, Mr. Lewis; this quite accords with what you were suggesting. Mr. Lewis: I am obliged to your Lordship; I have no further question, my Lord. I should like to ask whether I have to submit documents in future to your Lordship or whether I am entitled to ask the witnesses questions. The Commissioner: You are quite entitled to ask the questions. Mr. Lewis: Thank you, my Lord. Examined by Mr. HOLMES. 18052. You have not told us what distance you rowed in the direction of these lights? - I should say between 3 and 4 miles; by the time the morning came we were furthest away from the “Carpathia.” 18053. Did they ever appear to get any nearer? - No. 18054. Do you think the other boat was moving? - I thought probably she might have been drifting. 18055. You thought they were drifting? - The other ship was drifting. 18056. In the same direction as yourselves? - No, it seemed as if she was drifting away from us. 18057. Well, that would be in the same direction? - Yes. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 18058. How far off were you from the “Titanic” when you heard the cries? - I should say a mile and a half. 18059. You had been obeying the orders to row in the direction of these lights? - Yes, of the
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