Page 112 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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No. 18023. Were you there all the time the boat was being prepared to be lowered? - Yes. 18024. But you have no recollection of any man or any men trying to get into the boat? - No. 18025. Or being refused. After you left, and you found you could not approach the lights, was any suggestion made that you should return to the ship? - During the pull across one sailor offered to return to the ship, but all the ladies said, “Why not obey the Captain’s orders?” 18026. (The Commissioner.) And you were the Captain? - No, Captain Smith - “Obey the Captain’s orders.” 18027. (Mr. Lewis.) Captain Smith said you were to make for the ship, land your passengers, and return? - Yes. 18028. And the ladies objected? - Yes. 18029. Did the men agree with the suggestion? - Yes, I think so. 18030. And it was because the men objected you did not return? - Yes. The Commissioner: No, that is not right at all. It was not because the ladies objected. The ladies did object. 18031. (Mr. Lewis.) I will put it in another way. (To the Witness.) I understood you to say a suggestion was made in the boat that you should return, seeing you could not approach the light? - Yes. 18032. I understand you to say every man in the boat agreed with that suggestion? - I did not understand you. The Commissioner: I did not understand him to say that. The Witness: No. 18033. (Mr. Lewis.) They did not agree? - Oh, no. 18034. Did they express any opinion upon it? - No, none of the crew spoke. The Commissioner: Are you asking all these questions at random, or have you some instructions upon which you ask them? Mr. Lewis: I have evidence that a suggestion was made in the boat that they should return to the ship. The Commissioner: I asked you, do you ask these questions at random or have you some instructions upon which you put them? Mr. Lewis: I have evidence from a witness, who will give evidence later, I understand, that a suggestion was made in the boat that they should return to the ship. The Commissioner: Are those instructions in writing? Mr. Lewis: Yes, my Lord. The Commissioner: Let me look at them, and I will ask a few questions of the witness. (The document was handed to the Commissioner.) 18035. (To the Witness.) Do you remember a man, an A.B. named Jones - T. or J. Jones? - Yes. [Thomas William Jones.] 18036. Do you remember him? - Yes. 18037. Was he sent for some lamps? - Not to my knowledge. The lamp-trimmer put the lamp in the boat before we lowered. 18038. Was Jones’s boat No. 8? - Yes, my Lord. 18039. Was he one of the men in your boat? - Yes, my Lord. 18040. Do you remember Captain Smith asking him if the plug was in his boat? - No, I do not remember that. 18041. Did Jones put the plug in himself? - I could not say. I stood on the deck and Jones was in the boat. 18042. Do you remember a man trying to get in and being prevented? - No, I never saw that. 18043. Do you remember a child being brought and put into the boat? - No, we had no child in
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