Page 111 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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18008. At what stage did you begin to lose sight of this vessel whose lights you say you had seen? - Only when we saw the “Carpathia” coming, that is all. The Commissioner: Can you give me the position of the “Carpathia” at the time she received the position of the “Titanic,” Mr. Attorney? The Attorney-General: I do not know that I can at the moment. We shall be able to tell you, but I do not think we can now. The Commissioner: Was she to the southward or the northward? Sir Robert Finlay: I think those on the “Carpathia” thought she was to the northward. The Commissioner: Who thought so? Sir Robert Finlay: A witness from the “Carpathia.” The Attorney-General: We have not had a witness from the “Carpathia.” Sir Robert Finlay: I mean the “Californian.” The Attorney-General: My Lord’s question was directed to the “Carpathia,” not the position of the “Californian.” The Commissioner: No, the “Carpathia.” The Attorney-General: My friend, Sir Robert Finlay, understood it was with reference to the “Californian.” The Commissioner: No; I was thinking of the questions which had been put to the witness which were questions about the “Carpathia.” I want to know if anyone can tell me where the “Carpathia” was at the time she received the position of the “Titanic”? The Attorney-General: The only possibility of answering the question today would be by seeing what was said in the American evidence. We have no evidence at present; we shall call some. The Commissioner: Very well. The Attorney-General: You shall have the information later. 18009. (Mr. Dunlop - To the Witness.) How long before you saw the “Carpathia” was it that you last remember seeing the other steamer? - I could not say how long. 18010. Did the other steamer at any time appear to be steaming towards you? - No, she seemed to be stationary there. 18011. At no time steaming towards you? - No. 18012. Did you see any other vessel besides the “Carpathia” after the “Carpathia” came in sight? - After we were picked up the “Californian” came on the scene. 18013. Did you see the “Mount Temple”? - No. 18014. Did you see any sidelight of this vessel? - Yes. 18015. Which sidelight? - I saw both lights. The Commissioner: He said he saw both, you know. 18016. (Mr. Dunlop.) You saw two masthead lights and two sidelights? - Yes. 18017. While she was lying apparently stationary? - Yes; we drifted. Examined by Mr. LEWIS. 18018. Can you say what class of passengers they were in the boat? - I think they were nearly all first class; I would not be sure. 18019. There were no women left when you left the ship? - Yes. The Commissioner: Yes, there was one lady, Mrs. Straus. [Mrs. Ida Straus.] 18020. (Mr. Lewis.) There was no other lady there? - There were several other ladies there. They were taken to No. 10 boat. 18021. Did the other ladies refuse to go into the boat? - I only heard Mrs. Straus refuse. 18022. There were a number of men left, you said. Did any of them try to get into the boat? -
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