Page 106 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
P. 106
17876. (The Commissioner.) I do not understand that. Do you mean to say you saw both the red and the green lights at once? - We drifted. 17877. I know you did; but you say you saw them both at the same time, as I understand? - We were bow on. Mr. Butler Aspinall: He might, my Lord. The Commissioner: Of course he might; if he was in such a position as to see the vessel stem on he might see both. 17878. (Mr. Butler Aspinall.) Yes. (To the Witness.) Do you think the vessel’s head was pointing right towards you? - Yes. 17879. How long have you been serving on the sea? - Since 1882. 17880. So that you have had a good deal of experience? - Yes. 17881. Is it your view that at the time you looked and saw the sidelights of that steamer that you were about dead ahead of her? - Yes. 17882. Is that your view? - Yes. 17883. Can you at all accurately fix the point of time when you saw those two sidelights? - I cannot say. 17884. You cannot help us at all? - No. 17885. Later on you were picked up by the “Carpathia”? - Yes. 17886. At daylight did you see any icebergs about you? - Yes. 17887. Many? - Six or seven, I should say, round us. 17888. Those were bergs; were they large bergs? - There were one or two very large ones. 17889. And was there ice as well? - There was no field ice there. 17890. There was not? - No. 17891. Only the bergs? - Only the bergs. Examined by Mr. SCANLAN. 17892. Do you know at what time lifeboat No. 8 was lowered and launched? - After 1 o’clock, I should say. 17893. There was still some other lifeboats to be launched? - Yes; there was No. 10 to go. 17894. You have stated that, in addition to the crew, there were only 35 passengers? - Yes. 17895. What additional room do you think you had in this boat, No. 8, for passengers? - I should say there was room for another 20 more. 17896. The “Titanic” did not sink and disappear for, I think, about an hour after your boat was lowered? - No. 17897. Can you give any explanation of this boat No. 8 being lowered and launched with only 35 passengers? - No. The only thing is that Mr. Wilde, the Chief Officer, said there were quite enough in that boat to be safe to lower it. 17898. Was that in reference to the strength of the falls? - Yes. 17899. And the tackle for lowering? - I should say that is what he thought. 17900. (The Commissioner.) That is rather a leading question, and I am not satisfied about it, Mr. Scanlan. (To the Witness.) This boat was being lowered, like the others, from the davits? - Yes, my Lord. 17901. And being lowered a long way? - Yes. 17902. From the davits to the water? - Yes. 17903. Does it occur to you that Mr. Wilde might have thought that the load in her was quite enough? - Yes, I think that is about what he thought. He said there was quite enough in it to lower from the davits. The Commissioner: That is what I mean, Mr. Scanlan. I do not know that it alters your point at
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