Page 101 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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17802. Were there some firemen and sailors in it? - Yes. 17803. How many do you think? - About 15. 17804. Fifteen firemen and sailors? - Yes. 17805. Of the 15, about how many do you think were firemen? - There would be 10 firemen and four sailors. 17806. Who else was in the boat? - First class and second class passengers. 17807. Were they men or women? - Men and women. 17808. How many do you think were men? - About 10 men. 17809. And how many women? - The rest were women and children. 17810. But how many? - I have not the exact numbers. Mr. Butler Aspinall: We can do the sum. Examined by Mr. COTTER. 17811. Who got you out of your bed that night? - The Second Steward. 17812. Did he give you any orders? - No, not special orders, only to get on deck. 17813. And you went to the second cabin instead? - I went to my own place. 17814. What did you do when you got to the second cabin; did you go into the dining-room? - I went into my own place to see the boat list. 17815. Did you go into the second cabin dining-room? - No. 17816. Where did you go to put the lifebelts on people? - Down on the companions. 17817. Do you remember seeing the emergency door open on E deck? - All emergency doors were open at that time. 17818. How long after the collision was this? - About three-quarters of an hour. 17819. Were any general orders given at all throughout the ship in the stewards’ department? - To get all the passengers on deck and see they had lifebelts. 17820. That was the order? - That was the order. 17821. Do you remember seeing any bulkhead doors closed along that deck? - No, I could not see that; it would be inside. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 17822. Was there difficulty about getting people into the boats? - They did not seem to wish to get into the boats. 17823. Your room would be aft off the main alleyway? - Amidships. 17824. I suppose you would go along by the main alleyway? - Yes. 17825. In doing that, did you see the stewards attending to the people? - The stewards were doing the best they could. 17826. Were there many third class passengers you saw? - They were all third class passengers I saw then. 17827. Coming along? - Yes, going to the emergency door. 17828. Were there biscuits and stores being got out from the storekeepers? - They were bringing them up from the store rooms for the boat at that time. (The Witness withdrew.) The Attorney-General: That, my Lord, subject to evidence as to boats 8, 10, and 16, will be all the evidence of the officers and crew on board the vessel. I propose, when we resume - we have not been able to get the witnesses here today - to call one man only from each of those three
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