Page 100 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 14 - 18
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Examined by Mr. HARBINSON. 17775. The boatswain told you that Mr. Andrews had said the ship had only half an hour to live? - Yes. 17776. And to tell no one? - Yes, to keep it to myself. 17777. Did he mean that Mr. Andrews had said the ship had only half an hour to live and to tell no one, or was it the boatswain himself who told you to tell no one? - The boatswain himself told me to tell no one. 17778. He did not say whether Mr. Andrews had said to tell no one? - No, I do not know anything about that. Examined by Sir ROBERT FINLAY. 17779. How many lamps did you bring up? - Fourteen. 17780. Were they all full of oil? - All full of oil. 17781. And properly trimmed? - All brought up alight. I lit them myself. 17782. Did you supply them yourself to a good many boats? - Yes. 17783. You did not put those 14 yourself, as I understand it, all into the boats? - No. 17784. But they were there for the use of the boats? - They were there for the use of the boats. (The Witness withdrew.) WILFRID SEWARD, Sworn. Examined by Mr. BUTLER ASPINALL. 17785. Were you Second class Pantry Steward on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 17786. And I believe you were in your bunk when you felt the shock? - Yes. 17787. You got up, and after you got up, did you look after the second class passengers, or help to look after them? - I went to sleep again. 17788. I do not want the whole story. You did, after a time, get up? - Yes. 17789. And then you knew that it was necessary to help the passengers? - Yes. 17790. Did you help your second class passengers, put lifebelts on them and warn them about what they were to do? - I put lifebelts on lots of passengers, not knowing what class they were. 17791. Had you a boat assigned to you according to the boat list? - Yes. 17792. I think you had seen the boat list? - Yes. 17793. You knew your boat was No. 3? - Yes. 17794. Finding that people were taking to the boats, you went to your boat? - I went to No. 5 boat first. 17795. But eventually you went to your boat? - Yes. 17796. And when you got to your boat were there people being put into it? - No. 17797. Later on were they put into it? - Yes. 17798. I do not want the whole story; we have heard it so often. Was that boat lowered to the water? - Yes. 17799. Were there about 58 people in that boat - 60 people, say? - Between 50 and 60. 17800. I think you were in it? - Yes. 17801. And a steward? - No other steward.
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