Page 99 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
P. 99
Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS. 13120. When was this said? - After the “Titanic” was a wreck, after everything was quiet. 13121. How long would that be? - About 3 o’clock in the morning because we were rowing for the light when this was said. 13122. Had things become quiet before 3 o’clock? - Yes, we were rowing for this light half an hour or more. 13123. Just be careful for a moment will you and follow my question: How long after the “Titanic” went down did you first hear mention of this money? - I should say three quarters of an hour. 13124. Had the cries stopped then? - Yes. 13125. Had you hailed the other boats then? - Yes; they hailed us first and we answered them. 13126. Could you see what the numbers of the boats were that hailed you? - I could not say, and I do not know them; it was dark. 13127. Did either one of them ask you what room you had in your boat? - Nothing whatever; I never heard that mentioned. 13128. Were you asked at any time during the night before you got to the “Carpathia” if you had room in your boat? - Not to my knowledge. 13129. You had a lot of room in your boat? - I should say we had enough room for another dozen. 13130. Did you make any suggestion about going back to pick up the drowning? - No. 13131. Did it occur to you at all that you ought to go back? - No, it was not my place; I was not in charge of the boat; if that had been said I would certainly have gone back with the remainder. 13132. You were ready and willing to go back? - Quite willing. 13133. But you did not think it your place to suggest it? - No. 13134. Were you not surprised that somebody else did not suggest it? - Yes, I was. 13135. Did you express your surprise to any body? - No. 13136. Was there any suggestion made that you should go and join the other boats? - Yes. 13137. (The Commissioner.) I do not understand your frame of mind. You were surprised that no one made the suggestion that your boat should go back? - Yes. 13138. Then were you surprised that you did not make the suggestion? - No. 13139. Then you were surprised that no one else made the suggestion, but you were not surprised that you did not make it? - No. 13140. It is a curious state of mind? - We were half-dazed at the time, all of us on a job like that. 13141. (Mr. Clement Edwards.) Can you offer any explanation at all as to why your boat did not go back and try to pick up people? - Yes, she would have been swamped if she had gone back; that is my opinion about it. 13142. What reason have you for saying that you would have been swamped if you had gone back? - I hardly understand you. 13143. You say that if you had gone back you would have been swamped? - Yes. 13144. What reason have you for saying that you would have been swamped if you had gone back? - I meant to say that there were so many people in the water; you could hear that by the cries. 13145. Did anybody say in the boat that they were altogether? - No. 13146. Did anybody say it was dangerous? - No. 13147. Did anybody say that you might be swamped? - No. 13148. Does it not occur to you now that you might very well have gone back? - No. 13149. Wait until I have finished my question, will you? Does it not occur to you that you
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