Page 97 - British Inquiry into Loss of RMS Titanic Day 10 -13
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is all. 13074. You heard him say, “Pull away from the ship”? - Yes. 13075. Was the ship still floating then, or had the ship gone down then? - It was still floating, then, when we left. 13076. Still floating when he said that. Did you pull away from the ship? - Yes. 13077. I asked you if you remembered when the “Titanic” went down: Did you see it go down? - I saw it go down. 13078. When it went down what was your boat doing? Were you rowing, or resting on your oars? - We were resting on our oars. 13079. What I want to know is, after the “Titanic” went down, what was done by your boat then? - We pulled back again to the other boats. 13080. Did you hear any orders given as to what you should do? - I was not taking much notice of what he was saying; I was looking after myself. 13081. When the “Titanic” went down did you hear any cries? - Yes. 13082. Did the cries continue for some time? - Yes. 13083. You say your boat went back to the other boats? - Yes. 13084. Had these other boats left the “Titanic” before you or after you? - Some of them left before we did. 13085. Then they had not gone as far away from the “Titanic” as you had? - Well, we were all around; we all met one another. They must have gone as far away as we did. 13086. I just want to understand if you can help us. You say your boat went back. Do you mean it went back to where the “Titanic” had sunk? - I could not say where she sank; I am no navigator. 13087. That is what you heard the last gentleman say? - No, I never. 13088. Were you not here? - No. 13089. Were you not here when the last man gave evidence? - No; I was outside the curtains having a smoke. 13090. You say you heard the cries, and they went on for some time. Did you get near to any of the cries? - I could not say about getting nearer any of the cries. 13091. You could not say? - No. 13092. You do not remember any more conversation than that? - No. The Commissioner: Does anyone want to ask this witness any further question. Do you, Mr. Duke? Mr. Duke: No. (The Witness withdrew.) ROBERT WILLIAM PUSEY, Sworn. Examined by Mr. RAYMOND ASQUITH. 13093. Is your name Robert William Pusey? - Yes. 13094. Were you a fireman on the “Titanic”? - Yes. 13095. Were you in this emergency boat No. 1? - I was in that boat. 13096. Did you hear any orders given as to what you were to do when the boat was lowered? - Yes. 13097. What? - I heard the orders given to the coxswain to push off clear of the ship; that is all I heard, and the last words I heard the officer say - which one I could not tell you - was “See that
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